Willie Nelson Recent Health Concern Update


Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson Recent Health Concern Update

Willie Nelson Recent Health Concern Update
Willie Nelson is back on the road

Willie Nelson Recent Health Concern Update after recent concert cancellations cause concern.  Nelson had to cancel some concerts recently which quickly spread around the internet. The good news is that whatever was going on with Nelson must have resolved itself as he is back on tour.

His opening act John Baumann said Willie Nelson played a show at the Stafford Centre in Houston Wednesday night (11-16) and “kicked ass.”  Upon checking Willie’s most recent tour date scheduled, it is revealed that these show are going forward as planned.

On the Road Again after illness

Have no fear Willie Nelson fans as the man himself is on the road again.  Before his health care Nelson appeared on November 10th at ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live,’ November 10, 2015 and sang Ray Price’s “Heartaches By The Number” from his recent tribute record, For The Good Times: A Tribute to Ray Price. It is easy to see why so many people are concerned since the world has lost so many of our musical icons in 2016.

The last time Willie Nelson canceled multiple shows for undisclosed heath reasons, it was in October of 2015 to have stem cell surgery on his lungs.  At the age of 83, Willie Nelson continues to try and maintain a vigorous tour schedule.  Let’s pray that he can keep as healthy as long as possible.


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  1. Why is Willie Nelson’s health so private? Why not tell the fans? I do know he raised money for Aids. So could that be it? He has and still is a POT HEAD, so is it lung cancer? I just know it has to do with his lungs. Aids or lung cancer? Tell your fans. Tell the people who made you a millionaire. Without them you would be NOTHING.

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