Days of our Lives Hot Summer Spoilers and more


Days of our Lives Hot Summer Spoilers and more

Days of our Lives Hot Summer Spoilers and more

Holly listening to her Daddy’s heart

Days of our Lives Hot Summer Spoilers and more when people who think they were done loving somebody find out maybe not so much.

Jennifer cut Eric loose

Jennifer cut Eric loose because she knows he still loves Nicole.  Nicole’s extreme hat for Eric might actually be love. Does them having to work together daily during Nicole’s community service spark emotions?


Adrienne thought she has chosen Lucas

So Adrienne had chosen Lucas but will having Angelica back on the scene be a reason for her to fight for the man she walked away from?

Joey and Jade

Is Joey really done with Jade.  This past week, Joey seems to be making his way back to Jade now that Jade has left him alone. Perhaps leaving her wasn’t what he wanted after all.

Is Sonny home from the Island but still lost?

Sonny has surely not been acting like himself in quite a long time.  Will there be anybody that can get through to him before the old Sonny is totally gone?  Does it seem to the viewers that his soul may be turning black as coal?  What happened to the sweet man that the viewers fell in love with?  How long will Paul be able to support this darker side of Sonny?

Dr. Dan shows up again

We will see Daniel make another appearance in Salem.  Just because you are dead doesn’t mean you stop working as a soap star?

Survivor Party

There will be a Survivor Party but this is Salem and no party ever happens that somebody isn’t shot, kidnapped, poisoned or drugged.

Lani and Eli

The heat is turning up for Lani and Eli.  They were growing closer on the island, especially after Lani saw the way JJ was reacting to Gabi getting together with Chad.  She knows there is no future with JJ and Eli knows Gabi belongs with Chad.

Rafe and Hope

Summer must be the time for love on Days.  Rafe and Hope’s relationship gets even more serious.  There is only one place to go after all they have been through and that is marriage.  Everyone needs to remember that this union was not blessed by Bo.  Check out these beautiful TWINS!!


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  1. Oh so cute those babies.
    About Days. Bo most certainly did bless the relationship beside Rafe and Hope.
    Also how could Nicole hate for Eric be love. I would like that but how can it be?

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