Days of our Lives Baby Prediction


Days of our Lives Baby Prediction
Chloe with Baby

Days of our Lives Baby Prediction

Days of Our Lives Baby Prediction
Chloe, Daniel & Parker

Days of our Lives Baby Prediction brings you a bizarre prediction about Chloe’s baby.  We know anything can happen on soaps but are the Days of our Lives fans ready for this?  The Daily Banner is going out on a limb to predict the paternity of Chloe’s baby. This is going to be a real heart breaker for Nicole.

Paternity of Chloe’s baby

The Daily Banner is predicting that the father of Chloe’s baby is Daniel? How could this be you ask?  It is going to come to light that at some point, Daniel & Chloe stored sperm.  Chloe’s medical history is that she had leukemia and thought she may never get pregnant. That is why her pregnancy with Parker was such a shocker.

Parker’s sibling


Days of Our Lives Baby Prediction
Days of Our Lives Baby Prediction

If this comes to pass it could be easily explained that Chloe wanted Parker to have a full blooded sibling.  Consequently, she tried in vitro fertilization with Daniel’s sperm and it worked.  That may have been why she was so shocked when she realized the baby wasn’t Deimos’s child.

In Conclusion

In Conclusion, when Nicole finds out that there are two children that are part of Daniel, she is going to want to be a part of theirs lives.  Will Chloe’s children eventually end up with Nicole because of some tragedy?  Will Deimos and Nicole marry and raise Daniel & Chloe’s children together? For Nicole & Daniel, enjoy this beautiful song by Little River Band.


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  1. Obviously Chloe getting pregnant by invitro using
    Daniels sperm will more than likely be the result cause Deimos and Phil were excluded so that is the only other result and a 99.999./. Percent probability as well

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