America has one President at a time so zip it PE Trump

America has one President at a time so zip it PE Trump
Donald Trump

America has one President at a time so zip it PE Trump

America has one President at a time so zip it PE Trump.  Seriously, why is President Elect Donald Trump finding it so hard to be quiet during President Obama’s last weeks in office. Why can’t he concentrate on learning all the duties and responsibilities of the office he is about to take and let Obama finish out his term.  All he is doing in causing confusion and muddying up the water.

Pop up Press Conferences

Donald Trump just held his second POP UP press conference of the day. He refuses to hold scheduled press conferences but pops out and delivers brief announcements to the press.

Twitter posts

Donald Trumps own Tweets contractdict themselves on a daily basis as he flip flops back and forth on issues. Today’s biggest flip was how the transition was not going to well to how it is going great.


Teflon Don

Donald Trump seems to be able to do anything and say anything and nothing seems to stick to him. He truly is the Teflon Don.  Trump should have minded his own business when it comes to Israel. Then he defends Russia when it comes to their suspected interference in the election.  In conclusion, it looks like it is going to be a drama filled 4 years of the new reality show, “TRUMPS WHITE HOUSE”  This song seems quite appropriate – THE LONG GOODBYE


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Shocking Trump Apprentice tapes leaked via Comedian Tom Arnold

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