Donald Trump has a personal and professional vendetta against Puerto Rico

Donald Trump has a personal and professional vendetta against Puerto Rico
Donald Trump and Puerto Rico Governor Anibal Acevedo Vila

This may explain Trumps lack of action and today’s Tweets

Donald Trump has a personal and professional vendetta against Puerto Rico

Many American’s sit shocked as they hear about or read for themselves the heartless tweets.  Today Trump sits in a golf cart sipping cold beverages while Americans die in Puerto Rico.  That is simply the truth of what is happening today.  This article explains why the Daily Banner thinks Donald Trump has a personal and professional vendetta against Puerto Rico


What does he have against Puerto Rico?

Donald Trump has a personal and professional vendetta against Puerto Rico
Trump Golf course in Puerto Rico before bankruptcy

In 2015, the Country Club that carried the name of Trump filed for bankruptcy. The other day Trump said he would send help to Puerto Rico and in the same breath said Puerto Rico has financial problems.  That is like throwing in the face of a dying patient that they still owe the doctor money.

Donald Trump has the reputation of getting even with people, places and things that have embarrassed him. Is this lack of empathy for Puerto Rico represent “get even time?”

What happened in Puerto Rico in 2015 that pissed Trump off?

Here is what happened and how it pissed off and embarrassed Trump. This was the toasting and bragging when the deal was being made.

Trump International Golf Club & Residences, Puerto Rico will be a $600 million development. It will be situated on a 1,000-acre enclave of waterfront located in the city of Rio Grande, just 15 miles (30 minutes) from San Juan and 10 miles (20 minutes) from the airport.


The Trump International Golf Club Puerto Rico, which bears the name of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, filed for bankruptcy protection Monday, court documents show.

Owned by developer Empresas Diaz, the club uses the Trump name under a licensing agreement. Donald Trump does not own the club.

“We merely licensed our name for a fee and have nothing to do with the ownership, development or entity,” Eric Trump, executive vice president of The Trump Organization and son of Donald Trump, said in a statement.

In Conclusion

The Daily Banner has to wonder if this is one of the reason Donald Trump did not jump into swift action to help Puerto Rico?  He moved swiftly to help Texas and Florida.  It is sad to think that he had to be reminded several times by many that Puerto Rican’s are also Americans.


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  1. I am surprised you don’t know more about this since you are writing this article. You have left out the part about Trump getting Puerto Rico to post a bond for $33 million for his golf course. Then his golf course declared bankruptcy and screwed PR with over $100 million in debt. Trump received $600,000 in licensing fees and wrote off on their taxes $927,000 in unpaid fees.

    • Now we know that trump is not responsible for the $33 million default on the bonds. He knows this. So why is he treating Puerto Rico like they are not citizens? I swear I don’t think he knows.

  2. We all need to get the latest edition of Webster’s Dictionary. I am running out of descriptive terms to call this (and I use the term loosely) man!!

  3. I knew it was payback time when he started talking. Puerto Rico’s loss was going on from day one. The man is like a child never lives up to his words or promises. He “lost” money there lost face as the Japanese say. So now Puerto Rico will get paid back. I used to live there it was a very interesting place. Look for Russians to move in and buy up property, with the aid of one of the Trump klan.

  4. There are not enough words to describe “him” and all the hatefulness.. I have a sick feeling and tears for the people who are suffering from this disaster and then this cruelty .. He will surely pay for this at some time.. and not with money…

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