Justin Hartley Young and Restless Goodbye

Justin Hartley Young and Restless Goodbye
Justin Hartley Young and Restless Goodbye

Justin Hartley Young and Restless Goodbye

Justin Hartley Young and Restless Goodbye
Justin Hartley Young and Restless goodbye

Justin Hartley Young and Restless goodbye  viewers with what he is calling a Thank You letter. While there has been weeks of speculation about whether or not Hartley would be coming or going the below letter clears up that speculation.  Unfortunately it confirms most of the viewers fears that this would be the last time the fans would see Justin portraying Adam Newman on Young and Restless.  Below is the letter he posted on his social media.

Justin Hartley Young and Restless Goodbye to the fans

To the wonderful fans of Y&R,
After many weeks of having to keep quiet in order not to spoil storylines for all of you, the time has finally come that I’m able to write you this letter. Although I am saying goodbye to Y&R, this is not a goodbye letter. I felt it was more important to write a thank you note. Each and every one of you helped make my time on the show enjoyable. I always loved hearing about how excited all of you were for certain characters, how disgusted you were with others, at times even mine, or how we were able to help you escape from a hectic day. You are some of the most loyal and dedicated fans I’ve ever encountered. You are truly the heart of the show. It simply does not work without you. I wanted to thank you for that. Thank you for tuning in; thank you for letting me entertain you; thanks for entertaining me, and thank you for caring.
Although I’m leaving the show, you haven’t gotten rid of me. Hahaha…not so fast. I’m beyond thrilled and proud of my new series, This Is Us. We have a sensational cast and crew, wonderful writing and I would be honored to have you all tune in and watch. Here is a preview of what’s to come on This Is Us, premiering September 20th on NBC.
I’ll see you beauties in a couple of weeks!

Justin Hartley Young and Restless Goodbye
Justin Hartley Young and Restless Goodbye

Justin Hartley Young and Restless Goodbye song

Here is a song for the characters of Adam and Chelsea!!  This song is now a perfect match for what the characters on the Young and Restless went through as Justin Hartley Young and Restless Goodbye has arrived.  Goodbye Justin and good luck on your new Prime Time show.

You can see that final episode by clicking here.


Get a sneak peek at what is happening at Valley View:   If you do like romance and intrigue, ENJOY!!

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Justin Hartley Young and Restless goodbye
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  1. Oh I hate to see you leave I would pass for a grandma for you but you are the best for,Adam I love watching you you are a hands on fellow I’ll miss you judy

  2. You will be missed love your character it will be hard to find an Adam Newman didn’t think they would have find one when Michael was fired but they did and that was you Justin good luck with your new show will see you then.

  3. The name of the game is onward and upward. You will be terribly missed. I wish you the best of luck with your new show. You were truly Adam.

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