Idiot Alert Former Georgia Congressman and Republican Jack Kingston


Idiot Alert regarding Republican Jack Kingston Former Georgia Congressman
Jack Kingston on CNN

Idiot Alert Former Georgia Congressman and Republican Jack Kingston

Idiot Alert Former Georgia Congressman and Republican Jack Kingston.
Former Georgia Congressman Jack Kingston

Idiot Alert Former Georgia Congressman and Republican Jack Kingston.   The Daily Banner has decided to start publishing idiot alerts. When you see one of the characters featured in an idiot alert on your TV, that is your signal to change the channel.

Former Georgia Congressman Jack Kingston

Former Georgia Congressman Jack Kingston falls all over himself making excuse and creating bogus interpretations of Donald Trumps actions.  He also makes excuses for all the other ridiculous Republicans that are defending Trump.

Some narrow minded Jack Kingston quotes

Marriage cannot be severed from its cultural, religious and natural roots without weakening the good influence of society.
But whether a couple is a man and a woman has everything to do with the meaning of marriage.
Marriage is sacred and protected and has nothing to do with violating our civil rights.
Marriage encourages the men and women who together create life to unite in a bond for the protection of children.

In conclusion

Jack Kingston should get off our TV screens and sit on his front porch watching sunsets, chewing Skoal and whittling.  That is about all he is good for these days.  It looks like CNN needs to be told we don’t want to see this man or hear his opinions again.  Write a note to CNN below where it says comment.   He is another promoter of “ALTERNATIVE FACTS.” 


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Shocking Trump Apprentice tapes leaked via Comedian Tom Arnold

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Ashlee & Holly

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  1. Dear CNN, I can’t comment on this shit, I’m busy throwing up. Where the hell do you get garbage like this and why give it news space ? This is more fit for the super market rag “The Globe”…

    • Everything about donald trump is a super market rag, and causes millions to throw up. Where the hell do they get this garbage? From the mouths of right wing extremist morons. Truth escapes “conservatives”, which is why Fox created their network and slants the news hard right to appease right wing extremists, conservatives, conservative christians, white supremacists and the kkk. Fox reports one side of a story, they mislead and deflect, they criticize a dem for one thing and praise a republican for the same thing, they invent scandals and push the false narrative until ya’ll think it’s real, and they will work for years on character assassinations, throwing so much mud that ya’ll think it there must be truth in the there.

  2. Who cares this idiot have to say please can you be more objective in the news the country is in almost impeachment moment and the news is a guy who is history(bad history) in America politics

  3. I’ve stopped watching CNN because I can’t stand listening to the types of Republican commentators you choose to keep putting on your panel discussions.

  4. There are a couple woman that are on the panel that I do not agree with their views but they are atleast creditable! I have not seen one male I could say the same for! All of them make excuses for Trump and try to excuse the crap he does and says!

  5. CNN has the right to present bipartisan views, but there are several people that they continue to feature like Jeffrey Lord, Paris Dennard, Kellyanne Conway, Mcinenney, and Joe Walsh who are just lying. These are not the only ones, there is a long list of deniers and enablers who are not above lying to support the Prevaricator-in-chief’s warped narrative. They may be good for ratings, but each day they continue to allow these people to spew their lies, they lower their integrity and validity. In my opinion, they should not broadcast the daily briefing from the white house in it’s entirety because that is also proliferated with lies spread by manure secretary, Sean Spicer. They should edit and report factual elements of his briefing and report about lies separately.

  6. I watch CNN daily. When Kingston and Jefferey Lord are on a panel I switch to MSNBC. CNN this panel style programming did not work well in providing information to viewers during the election. It is not providing info now. It is just trowing mud in the water. How about just getting guests who talk facts and not nonsense to give opinion. I am beginning to think CNN, you have learned nothing from your terrible pre election coverage.

  7. It’s time for CNN to stop putting clowns in front of the cameras pretenting to be observers of the truth. I’ve been watching more and more MSNBC instead of CNN.

  8. Jack Kingston is an embarrassment to humanity , I don’t know why CNN keeps putting him on the air , but his relentless moronic defense of all things Trump is nauseating , on top of his own morally reprehensible spewing of unacceptable absurdities .DUMP HIM , CNN , IT WILL MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY !

  9. CNN you need to start thinking seriously about some of these losers you keep putting on the air. Where do you find these morons? You really need to do better.

  10. I change the channel when Kingston , lord and Santorum are on. I see no reason to provides platform for such obvious stupidity. It appears to give validation to total garbage .

  11. I don’t Bother to turn on your channel. Can’t Stand the IDIOTS you have on !! FIRE Your CEO and Start a NEWS PROGRAM …Try the Truth !

  12. The sooner we say goodbye to him the better. Kayleigh and Jeffrey, as well. The try to report without looking sheepish, but it doesn’t work. The stupid grins give them away. I’m not at all opposed to dissenting views, but make it believable.

  13. CNN needs to get rid of slime like kingston, jeffrey lord, kayleigh mcininny, and especially the former lt. gov. of NY. They bring nothing to any discussion and make CNN look absolutely foolish. I’d also include rick sanitarium, ANY former trump aide, spokesperson or surrogate. None of them have any business spouting their lies and downright nonsense on an actual “NEWS” network.

  14. CNN is supposed to be a news stAtion but pre-election the campaign coverage in Trumps favor was obvious. But now that the election is over to keep airing his lying supporters is not news. The list is long and needs no support by naming them but get real CNN how about real news??? We the people deserve a reliable news source and your not it.

  15. I have left feedback on your website, on more than one occasion, about your choice to use Jeffrey Lord, and that awful macenany. I failed to address this one and now you have Santorum! They are not credible and offer no meaningful discussion/commentary. I, too change the channel when one of them is on and have decreased my viewing of CNN because of your choice to give air time to promoters of lies. It’s time for CNN to do better.

  16. I respect CNN’s attempt to present different perspectives. But Lord, Conway, and,the rest of the Trump supporters are pathological liars.

    I watch MSNBC anymore.

  17. Agree with all the comments already made. Tough to keep the faith with CNN these days. Do not make the mistake of trying to cater to “all”. Bring Republican morons on the air like this Kingston, Jeffrey Lord, Kellyanne Conway and others, and I change the channel.

  18. First of all I think there is wonderful articulate intelligent hosts and journalists er Jack Kingston Jeffery Lord and Paris are beyond brutal. They aren’t close to the truth and make a mockery of your shows. It is not that they are supporters of republican issues, Trump in particular, it is that they are a joke. I urge you to care less that you come off as Partisan and more on truth. There is always enough drama being naturally supplied by Trump to cheapen yourself by including those buffoons.

  19. As with a couple previous comments, I also change to MSNBC whenever I see that grinning idiot Jack Kingston is back on a panel. The guy is a complete moron. C’mon CNN – you can at least get someone who can pretend he/she has a brain. Quite frankly, I think CNN is simply looking for pot stirrers thinking it will raise ratings. MSNBC is quickly becoming my channel of choice.

  20. This deplorabale hillbilly Jack Kingston and Paris dennard and Jeffrey Lord are the biggest idiots on your channel.
    Please cnn these idiots only believe in alternative facts and only deflect to Obama or Hillary because the have nothing reliable to say. When they are on I switch channels and many viewer’s do the same!
    Please deport these deplorable idiots to Fox fake news they will feel right at home!
    Thank you and hope you hear your viewer’s before it’s to late.

  21. Jack Kingston is really quite a disgusting person, as is Jeffery Lord, please dump them. But of course I know they are there to keep the sparks flying so we will see them for a bit longer. That’s entertainment!

  22. Jack Kingston is there for the same reason Jeffrey Lord, Jason Miller, and Jay Sekulow are there. Because CNN wants them there, and pays them good money to be there. It isn’t the trump-bots fault. It is CNN’s. And it is a disgrace.

  23. I TOTALLY AGREE with all of the comments about Jack Kingston, HILLBILLY with horrible grammar. Someone needs to tell him that WORDS such as something has a G, it’s not SOMETHIN!
    He would defend and or have an excuse for Trump if he committed murder. GET RID OF HIM CNN, your losing your credibility!!!!!

  24. Please, no more, “Jack in the Box!” Watching Jack Kingston rudely interrupt and foolishly argue with people who are more knowledgeable and articulate than he is makes me cringe and change the channel. He’s not contributing to good discussion and insightful dialog.

  25. Alyson Camerota, on air now, with the idiot Jack Kingston. Constant interruptions, comments that don’t pass the smell test, and outright lies. CNN you are better than this. Surely you can find someone to offer the “other” side who is professional, articulate and doesn’t try to gaslight the viewing audience. Jack Kingston should be put on the shelf.

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