Donald Trumps immature New Year message to America

Donald Trumps immature New Year message to America
Donald Trump

Donald Trumps immature New Year message to America

Donald Trumps immature New Year message to America.  This morning instead of just wishing America a “HAPPY NEW YEAR.’ Trump took to twitter to say nah nah nah nah.  That is in his own special way.

Here is his tweet:


Mental Illness

At what point are actual adults in power going to look at this man and ascertain that he is mentally ill?  At the very least, he is suffering from some sort of personality disorder that has to disqualify him from the Presidency.

License to drive a car

You have to have a license to drive a car.  That requires a written test and a physical driving test.  The very least we can do is require our Presidential candidates to a psychological evaluation.  Why has that not happened?  Why is that not happening now?

In conclusion

Our country remains in clear and present danger as long as somebody with Donald Trump’s swift trigger, speak before you think personality sits in the Presidential chair.  #NotPresidential

       From The Daily Banner to you!!  

               **HAPPY NEW YEAR**


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  1. I have agree! We The People of all age urge our congress to stop staring at this spectacle. Mental Health will tell you a person with Narcissis is a dangerous! To be carful, never let your gaurd down. They can only let very few people into their lives. Trump won at his game that is all it was to him. At the Deepest cost to America! As it has saddened The We The People! We have no choice but to I trust our dearest congress to give us the best to choose from when it is election time

  2. Get a life you liberal pussies as of next month on the 20th he’s the man in charge no more Muslims will be allowed to terrorize us like they’ve done under Obama.

  3. Trump is real, unlike the politicians who spend their whole lives crafting a politically correct personna. After all that has been thrown at him, he has a right to gloat a little. Those who consider him mentally unbalance need a reality check.

  4. I loved the response…thought is was funny! All the liberal smart asses need a swift kick! It wasn’t imature why do you all like to put a label on everything Trum says and does…he is human just like the rest of us. That is what the American people like about him…He is not a dadgum POLITICIAN!!

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