Twitter in Chief taking charge today

Twitter in Chief taking charge today
Donald Trump Tweet from Trump Towers Today

Twitter in Chief taking charge today

Twitter in Chief taking charge today.  Who needs a swearing in to take charge?  Certainly not Donald Trump.  He took to Twitter bright and early this morning as Congress went into session.

Tweet to General Motors

His first Tweet was to General Motors.  He threatens them with a big border tax. Has he told Ivanka to bring her clothes line back to America?


Used President Bill Clinton to criticize ObamaCare

He used Bill Clinton’s name to criticize ObamaCare totally taking what Bill Clinton said during the campaign out of context.  Bill Clinton clarified what he meant by using the word crazy.  That doesn’t matter to the Twitter in Chief.



He went after the Republicans in Congress

He went after the Republicans in Congress about dissolving committee.


In conclusion

In conclusion, it doesn’t matter that there is only one President at a time to Donald Trump. He can’t help himself by butting him before he is sworn in.  It is not in his nature to wait.  He takes what he wants when he wants it.

Check out ‘FOOD FOR THOUGHT’ a little web-series that is not afraid to say what needs to be said.


Get an especially relevant sneak peek at what is happening at Valley View:    If you like romance and intrigue, this is the place for you.  ENJOY!!


Shocking Trump Apprentice tapes leaked via Comedian Tom Arnold

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FAMILY HEALING from Australia to America:

Merle Haggard cancels spring concerts
Ashlee & Holly

After a summer of separation and homelessness because of a horrific attack on my daughters home and family, I am trying to raise funds to bring them home for a much needed vacation of healing.  I have not seen my 6 year old granddaughter since she was 1.  I can’t travel to Australia because my husband has medical issues.  Them coming here is the only way we will see them.  I started this Go Fund Me to help with the extraordinary expense.  I have been saving for over 1 year and at this rate, it will be several more years until I see them.  With your help I hope to have them here for Ashlee’s 16th birthday in October of 2017.

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  1. Bullshit!!! The call to action regarding the Ethics committee went out last night to Democrats and we have been bombarding our representatives since then. Donald’s tweet had NOTHING to do with it!!!!

    • Right. Friends and myself immediately called our reps. The idea was to flood the Capitol Hill phone lines expressing concern on this issue!

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