Viewers want Kayleigh McEnany gone from CNN

Kayleigh McEnany to exit CNN after major online campaign to have her ousted
Kayleigh McEnany

Viewers want Kayleigh McEnany gone from CNN

Viewers want Kayleigh McEnany gone from CNN.  Yes, CNN, you have a Trump puppet on your show daily and the viewers want her gone.

Kayleigh McEnany

Most viewers agree that McEnany has become unbearable to watch and listen too. Her opinion is so biased that viewers are turning the channel or fast forwarding through her segments.

Calling for a break from McEnany

At the very least, the viewers are calling for a break from Kayleigh McEnany.  Everyone understands that is a Trump pundit but her opinions have become ridiculous.  It really cheapens CNN when they allow this behavior on their show.

In conclusion

Everyday the viewers wait for McEnany to turn the corner and actually say something that makes sense but it never happens.  Please give the viewers a break from her obvious Trump worship.


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  1. I stopped watching anything on CNN when she was on screen and essentially trying to dominate the entire program. She was rude, and sickening. Period. She needs to be relieved of any future contract appearance obligations with CNN.

  2. Time to get rid of all the Trumpettes. They add nothing from Con Job Conway to Kayleigh we have had enough Lies. CNN Fire them all.

    • dump the little swine, she is the voice of the putin-puppet, another conway. I change the station to msnbc whenever she is on.

    • It is time to stop the madness. Listening to them, and their alternate truth reduces this great country integrity. We are diving into a critical low pit. Stop them. Refuse to listen or follow them.The TV stations would lose ratings and hopefully they would get the message.

  3. Please get rid of her. I’ve stopped watching CNN when she is on. Also former congressman Jack Pierson (?)………

  4. Aren’t we getting enough bs straight from the horses mouth…why inflict the mules on us too? So not tuning in anymore. You have some of the worst/biased “experts”. Enough already…GAWD….

  5. She represents an opposing view which is healthy. My main complaint is that she parrots the falsehoods (lies) of Kellyanne, Sean and Trump. Support Trump, not a problem BUT be factual.

  6. I have quit watching CNN, because she is on every day as she has been for 2 years now….also that Reaganite Jeff Slingjaw….get someone else on air. Sick of the same old thing we have watched for 2 years. Jeff, or whatever his name and his picture of Reagan and Kayleigh with her cross displayed, while she lies like Kelly Am Ugly. Hypocrits. Be more creative please.

  7. She thinks it is her job to agree with Trump on everything. That is not possible as he is very unpopular. She has no integrity. I can’t tu.e in and watch someone lie without impunity. I rarely watch cnn because of Kayleigj constantly showing up.

  8. She’s the reason, along with the beyond unbearable Conway, that I stopped watching CNN during election and switched to MSNBC. I won’t watch as long as she’s on. I still haven’t forgiven CNN for their near constant Trump coverage before the election and incessant Clinton email coverage. But if they get rid of her and Conway, I’ll come back.

  9. Pundits with no merits such as her cheapen the very platform of networks like CNN. For a network seeking credibility, I suggest replacing this person with a credible long standing pundit from the right who is able to debate real issues, not defend false claims or ideology.

  10. I do too, when she and Conway come on I immediately change to MSNBC. I can’t stand either one of them. Conway is on something, she talks so so fast she can’t keep up with her words. Get them both off!

  11. I really think that she and the other women like her who support Mr Trump are not satisfied with their own selves and love men that grope them and abuse them…totally nuts

  12. I change the channel as soon as she starts to speak. It’s her attitude. when she’s on I watch MSNBC
    Honestly I’ve been watching Rachel Maddow a lot more lately.

  13. I can’t reach for the remote fast enough when CNN announces her. She was horrible to listen to during the campaign, and I see no value add to these biased opinions now. He won the election — why is she still “campaigning” for him? Please, CNN, I used to like your network, but you are making terrible choices. I don’t care if she’s blond and beautiful, she has no business using the news media this way. It’s bad enough having to hear Conway and Spicer’s trash.

  14. I can’t watch her just like I can’t watch Kelly Ann. If it’s on tv I change the channel. If it’s on the internet I delete the post.

  15. It is like the whole planet has gone mad. We all know what she says is b.s. She has got to know it is all b.s. yet there she is day after day like it isn’t the type of bull that would get any other person in the world fired.

  16. I enjoy a good discussion with dissenting points of view – as long as it involves common sense opinions and truthful statements .. neither of which ever come out of this woman’s mouth

  17. While I understand the need to represent all sides, she is completely ridiculous!! Her viewpoints are inarticulate and she argues with other guests in a fashion that is downright angry. Not of the same quality as other guests.

  18. A trump shill NOT a political pundit. Has no business in any discussion. Same goes for Lord. Stop the propagandists. Always change channel when I see CONway Lord and Blondie. Disgusting.

  19. She is bigoted and talentless – and has strongly drank the koolaid of alternate facts. No more. It would be nice if you at least pretended to be neutral rather than put on Trump mouthpieces like her and others.

  20. I stopped watching CNN because of her and the other oder guy with the white hair. Neither of them have anything constructive to say, I am sick of them both, and Can’t watch any program with Kelley Ann Conway.

  21. She’s ridiculous…Kellyanne Jr, not quite as skillful at deflecting, but no less a lap dog. I can take 10, maybe 15 seconds of her before I change the channel

  22. CNN, live up to your recent attempts to be a real news station; put women on the air who are intelligent, reasoned and quality commentators. Being blonde and cute are not qualifications for journalism unless one is looking for a spot on Fox.

  23. She does not represent facts and I change the channel to absolutely anything else everytime I see her now. The best move was when I didnt see KAC for awhile then she came back on. These women do not deserve a forum when they are spewing lies to gain income and air time. We are better served with real people speaking

  24. You must have a sense of responsibility to debate truthfully.

    This cannot continue as CNN will be like Fox where people can tear down the democracy.


  25. I stopped watching CNN prior to the Election due to that woman. She gives Journalism and News a Bad Name. I will continue to boycott CNN until she is gone.

  26. Who, at CNN has the hardon for this hideous hag who is so full of herself! There is no good reason to keep her on, lying through her teeth without blinking a mascara laden eyelashe night after night! Defending the indefensible! UGH, just one more willfully blind Trumpeteer!

  27. Although I realize these pundits are paid by the network (and may be under contract), this one takes the rhetoric over the top. Every time she enters a conversation, I doubt her credentials more and more. Her continued inclusion on the panel makes me doubt CNN’s. The media is already under seige by the Bannon regime. Don’t help them.

  28. I find her and Jeffery Lord to be lacking in substance and the level of intelligence to be commentators for CNN. There have to be better Republicans to do it. Ask David Gergen to provide ideas of who! You can do much better!

  29. She’s a waste of your airtime. As long as she starts to speak I turn to food channel or hgtv until I think she’s done spouting her nonsense. I truly hate her.

  30. Pretty to look at, ugly to hear…I flip the station every time Kelly Anne, same thing: change the station. There is no merit to their comments. Indefensible.

  31. I’m so tired of hearing her try to sugarcoat ever offensive act Drump does. I change channels every time she speaks. If they want a Trummper on – tell CNN to find someone else!!

  32. She is the most annoying person, always interrupting other guests with her “alternative facts” and spinning that is so far out there. I turn the channel to MSNBC or fast forward her segments if I DVR’d it. She is a disgrace to all womankind for her support to a man who has blatantly boasted of sexually assaulting women. She has no credibility whatsoever.

  33. Her comments are delusional and line up nicely with Fox fake news – a waste of time for everybody who is interested in a serious discussion

  34. Amazingly ignorant and vapid… she needs to go back to school and lean what it means to be a journalist not just legally blond.

  35. We had enough of Lewandowski pushing Trump’s agenda on CNN. She has to go! CNN stuff has to be neutral and honest. She’s neither. Another Kellyanne.

  36. Another of trumps bimbos. Disgusting that she sticks for scum like him … no matter what. Guess you sell your soul for $$. Can’t stand her at all. Love it when others put her on the spot.

  37. There’s apposing views and then there’s just lying crazies which is what she is. It cheapens the broadcast to have idiots like this on. Get rid of her.

  38. I watched once when she was on…I knew right the way she’s a another Smelly Ann! CNN, please replace her,or your station’ll loose a lot of viewers!!

  39. Get rid of these dumb blonde Trump worshippers! Your newscasters should broadcast the news!!!Refrain from showing attachment to the topic of the news and be unbiased!

  40. Please remove her and Jeffrey Lorde.
    Cannot even stand the ignorance that comes out of both of them. I change the channel or shut off the tv when either of them speak.

  41. See, I disagree. I believe we should watch and hear every word, “Know thy enemy” because someone out there is listening and may believe what she says, some may even agree. We need to know the propaganda being spread and fight it by all means necessary. Let her speak but then CALL HER OUT on her LIES.

  42. I cannot stand to see her on TV..when she starts talking SHE CANNOT SHUT UP! WHen asked a question she turns it against Obama or the Clinton’s…she is the most HYPOCRITICAL SO CALLED CHRISTIAN!!! It would be much better to get her off and get someone who can agree when things ARE WRONG! SHE IS BLING TO ONLY ONE EYE!

  43. I turn the channel whenever she and Kelly Ann Conway come on. I got a really bad feeling when they hired Cory Lewandowski. Are you kidding? And now Rick Santorum?! As long as readings nine their pockets, we are screwed.

  44. She being on as someone who’s suppose to be informed, is like watching big Bird do the weather. Can’t tell if she’s serious or not.

  45. Please remove her. I am sorry, but she has a very biased view and refuses to see the factys. She is another one that deals with “alternative facts” when it comes to Trump. Sorry won;t give hi the respect of calling him POTUS

  46. I had to stop watching CNN because of them having people like this on. This is not news they are propaganda experts telling lies. Why in the world would a reputable news organization have someone like this on giving there pre rehearsed lies? Let’s get back to the news and get rid of some of these so called experts and panels!

  47. The second she comes on, I change the channel. Same with KAC. I refuse to waste my time listening to alt-puppets. Please, CNN. We have enough reality TV with the so-called president.

  48. Does CNN really want to feed into the “dumb blonde” stereotype? ‘s okay with me – I’m brunette – but that’s the only rationale I can conceive of as to why Kayleigh is still on air. This female human is just to vapid to be on a news-based station that’s in the process of defending their credibility. Lose her – or lose viewers. Your call.

  49. CNN Top Brass: OK BOYZ, who’d she blow? Given the usually high quality of pundits, this babe could never have been considered for employment based on merit… So, with that in mind, fess up, who’d she do and was it really all that?

  50. I also turn CNN off every time I see her. She is just hard to watch and since I have a choice, I don’t. There is no one else on CNN that I object to, just her and I won’t watch her.

  51. We had quite enough of McErneny during the primary campaign. Kellyanne Conway has her beat when it comes to telling lies. Neither of them are of much use but Conway is a slicker liar.

  52. When her & conway come on I just change the channel to MSNBC..
    Time for her to move to Faux News. Am sure she will feel right @ home!

  53. Her and Jeffrey bring nothing to the table…. I change the channel as soon as I see their face. This so-called Harvard grad does not look too smart either. They both need to go

  54. There is a difference between a political commentator and a mouthpiece. With Kayleigh, we know what she will defend before she opens her mouth. Ugh!

  55. I have yet to see her say anything of substance. Her ‘reports’ are speed-freak sessions of buzzwords and made-up ‘facts.’ Perhaps if she stopped attacking everything she disagrees with, she might get somewhere but right now she reminds me of that used-car salesman trying to get you to sign before you get to ask too many questions


  57. Why continue to air the opinions of someone incapable of critical thinking? Would you continue to answer the phone if you knew the person on the other end was going to lie to you day after day? Stop wasting our time with these sycophants and do some actual journalism.

  58. I have recently switched to MSNBC until you can get a decent Republican panel for debates. Kayleigh needs to leave your show. Her obnoxious behavior is to annoying to watch. Drowning out the democrats and republicans who oppose Trump is tiresome.

  59. Get rid of her. She doesn’t report the news, she reports her opinion only. She is just part of the problem with the media and you do not need to compromise your integrity.

  60. She and Conway have spun FACT into bullshit for over a year and I was so over their lying pie-holes. Women are generally kind, thoughtful and intuitive when they talk about issues but not these crazy beyatches. They don’t believe what they are even saying. You can tell their gears are constantly turning “how do I turn this around”. It is utter nonsense and they are hurting this country. CNN should be ashamed to have let them spin their BS this long. They both should have been banned a long time ago. I believe in freedom of speech but what they are doing is a targeted art form of lies and CNN has freedom to put on who they wish. Whatever few idiots who gravitate to their message have been reached. They are adding no value to the discussion. I’m boycotting CNN if they continue inviting her and Conway because CNN could be partially responsible for letting the Fourth Reich rise again.

  61. Please let her go. Skeletor and her are built from the same mould – consistently lying, answer questions be changing subjects, “alternative facts”. And if you could get rid of Jeffrey Lord as well…

  62. Get those two women off CNN. They make no sense supporting dtrump, he needs mental health care for the way. He talks about Women

  63. Yes she needs to leave I’m tired of seeing her she needs to stay on Fox News, I turn the channel when this idiot comes on CNN

  64. No more of her, please! I believe in hearing from both sides, but enough of her and Jeffrey Lord. Was so pleased when CNN was no longer going to have Kellyanne on, then Jake Tapper had her again. I turn them off!

  65. please send her packing, she cannot see or understand any facts, she is like a cult follower who will defend no matter what her leader says

  66. I despise Kayleigh’s presence on CNN. All she does is spout Republican Party Rhetoric, endorsing propaganda and ignoring the facts.

  67. Why is CNN giving air time to these fact-free, propaganda pushing DT surrogates. They would say whatever reality star DT wants, and they act like it is true, then demean anyone who challenges it. You are frustrating your viewers, who watch you for the NEWS, not for more of the insanity generated by the Trump alt-reality props. We know what they are going to say before they say it, and it is all BS. Get some knowledgable speakers with integrity. Call it what it is, and stop legitimizing the air-heads.

  68. Enough! Never answers a question just deflects and gives alternative facts. So annoying, if you don’t agree give your reasoning. Enough alternative facts.

  69. She adds nothing to a conversation or a debate on CNN. She always looks pained or annoyed when others speak. When it is her turn all I see are the gymnastics she performs to say how brilliant Trump is. If I watch her it’s only for a laugh I change the station because not only is she I’ll prepared she is strident in her town and her body language speaks volumes about her adoration of Trump

  70. I love to hear what she has to say. I want to hear both sides and learn from them. I liked to be well informed. I like to hear opposing thoughts to better prepare my arguments to throw back at them. Keep your enemies near is a valuable tool.

  71. I want both McEnany and Conway gone from both my TV screen and my Facebook News Feeds! They contaminate and pollute both and I end up turning the channel or hiding the post to clean up my TV and Facebook. I object to their lies being aired and all they do is lie. So, please, give us a break from them for about 4 years!

  72. Yes, I do agree with all the viewers; KAYLEIGH McENANY must be removed from CNN. Her arrogance, her unpleasant personality and her stupid statements are annoying ! It seems to us, she knows everything, but the rest of the journalists. Whenever she is in the program, I just switch it to other channels ! It is good to know that I am not the only one making this remarks! She must be fired !!!

  73. Get rid of her and Jeffrey lord. They are useless. They say the same thing over and over and talk in circles. I love CNN. Please get rid of these Trump Robots.

  74. She belongs with Tomi on the Blaze. Please do not continue to have her speak along side people that speak actual facts & use common sense.

  75. The only time I don’t watch CNN is when she comes on! She is one of Trump’s loudest mouthpieces spewing “ALTERNATIVE FACTS,” also known as lies. I know so many people who have totally stopped watching CNN because of this!

  76. Yes please….Kayleigh McEnany should no longer be included in the CNN TV family. She is too much with her alternative fakes and fake news. We always turn her off when she is on….So please………say bye bye kayleigh…..thanks.

  77. When someone’s only purpose is to outright lie as needed at every chance she needs. With Conway, she is beloved by her followers and we know that you could use a boost of viewership. If you want people watching, become the best genuine news outlet through ethical behavior and writing. Right now the liberal world is searching for a home. Be that home!


  79. Both of those two women are nothing but mouths for 45 and they have long lost all credibility with most viewers. But on people that know how to handle themselves like professional.


  81. Kayleigh McEnany is slippery and devious much like her older counterpart, Kellyanne Conway. I’d be happy to never see or hear from either one again.

  82. I change the channel every time she starts to speak. Fox only has Trump supporters – they wouldn’t dream of having a different opinion expressed so send her over there. Please she is beyond annoying. She’s your very own KellyAnn Conway.

  83. She has nothing positive to contribute to any conversation She doesn’t lie as well as KC, and when she gets in over her head, her ‘go-to’ response is “Well, what about emails? Benghazi? Foundation?” Those old lies were not valid during the election, and are even less relevant now. She is boring, irrelevant, and downright annoying. I change the channel when she is on.

  84. The news media needs to stop providing these liars/propaganda artists free air time so they can mislead viewers. They can stay on Fox, but CNN needs to report REAL news. This awful woman delivers the “fake news” CNN is accused of.


  86. Yes, It’s time to get rid of the Trump pundits !! I’ve definitely had enough of Kayleigh McEnany, Jeffrey Lord, Scottie Nell Hughes, and Jack Kingston. They have no discussion value and always are argumentative.

  87. Yes, remove her. She is dishonest, uninformed, bigoted and rude. I will never understand why CNN put these overly biased liars on every day. There is nothing wrong with strong minded conservative individuals who want to debate and represent Trump. But to sit there and tell the same lies, the same dishonest excuses, the same “no he didn’t say that” or it was just locker room talk. I turn the channel because I am not going to Dumb Down and listen to these hypocrites. It’s nice to see Jake Tapper speak his mind and call Trump out. Tell white haired white skinned Bigot “Jeffery” to go get a life. I have never run across a bigger Trump ass kisser.

  88. I immediately change the channel when either she or Kellyanne appears. Please use credible sources. I might not agree with them, but there are some very smart republicans out there and I want to hear from them.

  89. Can you believe this woman criticized the Democrats for not standing and applauding? A. It isn’t in the least important (like the Republicans,see Wilson, have always behaved so well) and B. Stand applaud the Tweeter after he accused them of being behing the bomb threats to JCCs and the desecration of Jewish cemeteries? Incredibly obtuse, or as Agnew would have said – noisome, even if he had no idea what the word means.

  90. Kayleigh is just another Ditsy Bitsy Boob Bleach Bottle Blonde who’s only goal in life is too have THE CLUMP grab her by the P___Y ,then she can say move the f over Melania ,he loves me ,for what I have between my legs,and he wants me .not you . Grow up little bitsy boob ,you cant even excite a twelve year old little boy.

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