Paris Dennard has to be the biggest idiot of all the idiot Trump supporters

Paris Dennard has to be the biggest idiot of all the idiot Trump supporters
Paris Dennard

Paris Dennard has to be the biggest idiot of all the idiot Trump supporters

First of all Paris Dennard has to be the biggest idiot of all the idiot Trump supporters. The things this man says in support of Donald Trump is enough to make anyone want to rip their own ears off.

Paris defends all Republicans no matter what

Paris Dennard has to be the biggest idiot of all the Trump idiot supporters
Greg Gianforte

During a recent discussion on CNN, Paris went over the edge to defend the aggressive Republican.  You know the one that body slammed a journalist because  Greg Gianforte didn’t want to be asked about the lousy GOP health plan bill so he got aggressive.  That action got him arrested but not before he was elected the newest member of congress in the Montana Special Election.

Don Lemon believes Trump is to blame for most of the recent bad behavior toward press

Don Lemon had Paris Dennard on his show last Wednesday night. He didn’t mince words when it came to how he feels about what is happening to journalists.  It is quite clear that everyday Donald Trump continues to stoke the fire of hatred toward the press. For Dennard to say Trump isn’t doing that are people who live in an alternative reality.

Don Lemon and Paris Dennard

This is not the first time that Don Lemon and Paris Dennard has gotten into it on CNN.  In fact, one could even say that these two man cannot stand each other.  Who can blame Don however, Dennard is an ignoramus.  The ridiculous arguments that come out of his mouth make Kayleigh McEnany look liberal.  In fact, even Jeffrey Lord looks like a moderate compared to Paris Dennard.

CNN needs to get rid of Paris Dennard

In conclusion CNN needs to remove Paris Dennard from their roster.  Seems like nobody needs to be subjected to his alternative facts.  The Daily Banner is making this public plea with CNN to remove Dennard from their guest list.  Most of all, if you agree, please comment below.  This will be forwarded to CNN.


Trump needs time out so Americans can take long needed nap

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  1. Paris Dennard AND Jeffrey Lord both need not be invited back as guests on CNN or any other news outlet. They both are embarrassments!!!

      • Paris Dennard and Jeffrey Lord are the biggest flakes on cnn!
        Their alternative facts are so dumb it’s not funny!
        Their facts are to deflect to Hillary or Obama what jokes they are.
        Forgot about the hillbilly ex governor or Senate guy from South Carolina is a joke also.
        Please cnn don’t put these deplorable idiots on your shows!

        • It is enjoyable to watch Paris try to defend president Trump. He’s wiling to accept all of the faults without ever waivering. If a commentator is willing to say, he’s right on this and he’s wrong on that , the commentator is credible. If they just defend, without pause, they are are wasting the air that they breath.
          I miss Jeffery. At least he occasionally was honest.

    • Paris Dennard and Jeffrey Lord and the ex either Senator or governor hillbilly from South Carolina are the biggest deplorable idiots I have ever seen on tv.
      Please cnn these idiots only know alternative facts and only want to defect back to Hillary or Obama because they have no real argumentative facts.
      Please cnn keep these deplorable idiots off your shows!

  2. Pls don’t have dennard on anymore. His ignorance is astounding & so very hard to listen to. I change the channel when I see him.

    • People can act like robots when they are being paid and ordered to do something. Dennards’ answers are so automatic, so incessant and so predictable. I feel very strongly that he is being paid to defend Trump and the GOP.

  3. Please eliminate Paris Dennard from your guest list. He is rude and obnoxious. He does not deal with the questions asked of him. He gives no thought to his statements. It is very unpleasant to watch him.

  4. shame on CNN for allowing these people, like Paris Dennard, to be on air. CNN is doing it for ratings, but as soon as these people come on, I switch channels. Disgusting creature are not worthy of listening.

    • I love CNN and watch it every day. If you don’t get rid of Paris Dennard, I will be changing to another channel for my news coverage. I have completely lost patience with the fact that you don’t get rid of Paris.

  5. I agree that Paris needs to go…and not even because he’s a Trump supporter…although I find that repugnant as well…but I find much of his commentary to not be grounded in facts…much of his commentary is wholly representative of what is going wrong with democracy today…a healthy democracy is truly non-partisan…what is becoming more prevalent is an ever emerging pattern of “party over people” style of governance…when he was part of a panel discussing some of Trump’s proposed budget cuts…the panel expressed concerns that some of the cuts…particularly proposed cuts to education…would ultimately hurt poor communities…which are overwhelmingly African-American…a group Trump has pledged to help…Paris droned on and on about how the allocation for HBCU’S was the same…Don Lemon and the other panelists were trying to make the point that it’s nice that HBCU’S are still being funded at current levels…but if you can’t afford housing…or are concerned about how you will feed your family…as an African-American you have bigger fish to fry then to worry about if your kid can go to an HBCU…Paris tried to accuse Don of making fun of HBCU’S by saying they weren’t important…not only was that patently untrue….it wasn’t even germane to the subject matter.

    Another example was when Paris was part of a panel that was discussing Trump’s exorbitant travel expenses associated with his weekend trips to Mar-a-Lago…particularly since he was so critical of President Obama’s vacations to play golf…despite the fact that in his first 100 days in office he is on track to spend more on vacations than President Obama spent in 8 years in office…the question put to the panel: “Is that hypocritical?” Paris responds by saying Trump is not breaking any laws…then proceeds to call the story “fake news”…that was just disingenuous…he simply lacks the objectivity, the integrity, and frankly the moral decency to contribute commentary that adds to the discourse in a productive way…it is a disservice to the political pundits who are doing so, a disservice to CNN,and a disservice to your viewers…particularly the younger ones who are still trying to figure out how to engage in the discussion…it’s really pretty disgusting to listen to anymore.

  6. Keep giving these people airtime and you will lose a large viewership you can’t convince the world is flat. You used to have some integrity. Some credibility. Yet, you stoop to show the incredulously stupid show ponies with their pure garbage for the sake of what? Ratings? Have some respect for yourselves and more importantly us!

  7. Please get rid of Paris Dennard. It is painful to hear him speak. And while you at it get rid of Jeffrey Lord and Kayliegh M.

  8. He is a delusional uninformed raving idot…I cursed him every time he mouths off….get rid of him, Now! I am a loyal CNN viewer, daily! David Gergen an Gloria Borger are brilliant!

  9. I wholeheartedly agree with the previous respondents, I find Jeffrey Lord, and Paris Dennard very disingenuous in their comments, like they’re totally oblivious to facts and no matter how the conversation goes it’s never acceptable to them, they are deficient of fax, they’ve been found to be void in intellect and they take away from the seriousness of the debate at hand. CNN is in trouble of losing a lot of viewers because of Jeffrey and Paris’s inability to separate themselves from how they feel about this man, I have never heard them speak critical of this man not one time and Lord knows that’s an impossibility in itself.
    They should not be allowed to sit on national television and show their blatant ignorance. They are not even high level pundits, and makes the other serious, intelligent commentators look bad.

  10. There is a chance that something happened to Paris during his formative years to cause him to hate being Black; he educated himself & has made it his job to degrade every Black that has ever held public office & put every white political person in a “class of god’s”; he is NEVER to see any wrong done by #45 or his administration; let him have his opinion & wait for the day when his hate-filled world all falls down; personally I truly feel sorry for him; Paris can make a choice to vote white, talk white, act white, but he will never be able to change the fact that he is Black & will always be considered a second-class citizen by those that he defends.

  11. So do you have Paris Dennard on your channel because he’s a black man crowing for Donald Trump?
    I guess you’re being paid off to keep him on there. You think he will change the black peoples minds or
    Scramble their judgement over Trump and look at the cuts to their families and just lay down and take it?
    He is crazy, demented, and he has an agenda. Let’s see? Is he wanting to get an endorsement from Trump
    Camp, or the Republican base to run for office and he uses CNN as his banner and a leg up?
    Get a clue people! Anyone who supports the Trump agenda has fallen off their rocker and are delusional.
    There will be no gain for the average voter.
    Get this crazy man off your shows.

  12. I change the channel to MSNBC when Paris ,Jeffery ,or Kayleigh are spewing their complete ignorance on CNN…Surely you can come up with some commentators that have at least a normal range IQ….With those three you are scraping the bottom of the barrel….but thanks for asking our opinion.

  13. I have always been disgusted by him when Roland Martin had him on his show, which I haven’t seen him recently, thank goodness. He is an idiot. Remove him from all networks.

  14. Paris Dennard and Jeffrey Lord are like fictional characters that are necessary for a comic book (oh, excuse me, “graphic novel.” They are not based in reality. If I have to see Jeffrey one more time video conferencing from his closet size office in his home, with the crooked picture of Saint Ronald Reagan perched precariously on top of his books, I’ll throw up. When he and Dennard come on the screen, I change the channel. That’s how bad they are. Please stop torturing us and present a reasonable representative from the right, if you must. Not two fictional characters.

  15. As a News channel you should report NEWS based on facts to keep us informed!! Letting ignorant people blabber on and on might be considered “entertainment” by some, but is really just very sad and depressing, and not newsworthy at all. Please spare us from hearing Paris Denard s totally NOT NEWSWORTHY and totally irrelevant opinions in future !!

    • I agree Paris and Jeffery lord have to go.seems CNN read these comments I Love Jake Tapper,and i would love it if he watched the dutch documentary called zembla on youtube, the comment on.
      A loyal Canadian FAN

  16. Unequivocally the worst of the worst. To support trump so blindly makes you wonder, is he being paid under the table? As I see it, he’s like Ben Carson, following blindly in the hope of being given a cushy job. I pay CNN let’s this “wannabe journalist” go, as he is entirely on the short end of the rope. Alternative facts are not the truth and journalists suffering as was under Hitler and Peron,proves he is not a journalist. Just a mouth piece. There are too many mouths out there as it is.

  17. Jeffery Lord has to be the worst idiot ever! Aside from Kellyanne Conway they both are hooked on cocaine!

  18. I heard a televised discussion where he said to another guest “I will not allow you to say that….” and “you will not be invited back to this network if you say that.” Wow. So he is the gatekeeper at CNN? Grand Censor? CNN, please stay a serious news network. Don’t keep a cast of idiotic characters around to raise viewership by entertainment. Way to go on Jeffery Lords! Paris next.

  19. Paris Dennard is a disgrace to everybody’s race! He is ignorant, obnoxious, and apparently in the midst of some sort of identity crisis. He needs to be removed from CNN and any other list that carries his name. I have a hard time looking at this man as he sits there defending a white racist who would off him in a minute if he could. Donald Trump is probably laughing at Paris because in his mind a black man who defends him is still a nigger! Paris needs to go into therapy and fix whatever went wrong in his childhood! Something is very wrong with Paris Dennard.

  20. Ugh, agreed, Paris Dennard is the worst. He is such a puppet who just parrots false GOP/Conservative/Trump narratives. He spits falsehoods all day and when corrected on them he never learns or tries to educate himself. He might back down in any given interview, but then I hear him the next day spouting the same false BS. So sick of his lies and his alternative facts. Please get him off the air before you make people who agree with him even dumber and more ignorant than they already are.

  21. Let me know when Paris leaves CNN. so I can start watching it again! why do you have these clowns on. I don’t know how some of these people look in the mirror to shave.

  22. “CNN, the most trusted name in news.” Trusted in news means we trust you to tell the truth about the news. Paris Dennard does not tell the truth. He lives in a fantasy land, lying and making false accusations. He is in denial about Trump just as he is denial about himself. Stop using him, or I will stop using you for my news.

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