Trump did not win election without the help of Putin

Trump did not win election without the help of Putin
Putin toasting to his victory

Trump did not win election without the help of Putin

Trump did not win election without the help of Putin
Putin and his pussy cat

Trump did not win election without the help of Putin. Most American’s already knew this or at least suspected it. The unclassified report from intelligence was released today and proved it.  In addition, that report makes perfectly clear what happened.  It should be clear to all Americans now.

Putin won the election for Trump

Without Putin it is very doubtful that Trump would have won the electoral college.  Fake news had many people believing that Hillary Clinton did horrible things.  Those things were lies.

Wiki Leak Emails

Even though the Wiki Leak emails were boring and benign people they must be bad.  In fact, they were not but Fake news folks being paid by Russian made up things and people believed them.

It is time to face the truth America

You elected a tweeting man boy with a bad temper and worse to be your President because Putin wanted you to.  Putin was afraid of Hillary Clinton because he knew he couldn’t push her around.

In conclusion

It should be obvious to everyone by now that Donald Trump would not have won this election if not for the interference of Vladimir Putin.  I know many Hillary supporters that knew Hillary lost the election the day the wiki leaks was announced. This coming shortly before Comey announced they were looking at her freaking emails again.


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Shocking Trump Apprentice tapes leaked via Comedian Tom Arnold

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Ashlee & Holly

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