KellyAnne Conway says the most moronic things


KellyAnne Conway says the most moronic things
KellyAnne Conway

KellyAnne Conway says the most moronic things

KellyAnne Conway says the most moronic things. All you have to do is watch her open her mouth to experience it.  Her latest today was to say, “Don’t listen to what he says, look at what’s in his heart.”

What’s is in his heart

First of all it is obvious that money, greed, and hatred is what has been in his heart all his life.  In addition, he has demonstrated this over and over again throughout his life.

New York, New York

Being a native of New York, I can’t recall anyone ever praising him for being kind, loving or generous.

KellyAnne Conway

KellyAnne Conway works for the man and she is paid to defend him. She suggests we don’t listen to what he says.

Only have a good opinion or shut up

If KellyAnne had her way, Americans would only be allowed to think and say good things about Trump.  More importantly, she wants America to give him every benefit of a doubt.

In conclusion

Either say good things about Donald Trump or SHUT UP! 


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FAMILY HEALING from Australia to America:

Merle Haggard cancels spring concerts
Ashlee & Holly

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  1. Kellyanne Conway has a voice that is like fingernails on a blackboard to me. She has that manic look in her eyes the minutes she takes offense to what someone has said about Donald Trump. It is my observation that when someone disagrees with her, she seems to think that talking louder and faster somehow makes her right. I’m disgusted by her and her cronies and the low regard she has for our country and it’s people… I pray that they are all impeached and quickly…

  2. I have two serious concerns when it comes to Donald Trump being President.
    1). Why is no one questioning why Trump seems to always want one of his immediate family members with him at all times, including at Private Meetings. The subject of onset dementia and it’s various characteristics has recently been mentioned!!! Is this something that should be considered.
    2). Why has Donald Trump been allowed to get away with not showing his Income Tax information BEFORE taking the Oath of Office? What is he hiding?

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