Very Presidential message from Joe Biden to Americans


Joe Biden sounding very Presidential in message to the nation
Joe Biden

Letter from Joe Biden – the Former Vice President of the United States of America

Very Presidential message from Joe Biden to Americans
Joe Biden outside oval office during better times

Joe Biden was Vice President of the United States for 8 glorious years.  Americans watched as he and President Barack Obama had a truly wonderful relationship. Joe has something to say. Take a seat and read this very Presidential message from Joe Biden to Americans.

Dear Americans: House Democrats had a retreat last week — and I had the honor of speaking to them. I’m going to say to you what I said to them.

We have a president who’s in this for himself — and nobody else.

And that means he’ll shred our values, destroy our institutions and our standing in the world, if it means saving his own hide.

Very Presidential message from Joe Biden to Americans

And we have a Republican Party that will do anything to protect him. They’ve abandoned their principles and their obligations to millions of Americans who put their faith in them.

So Donald Trump’s looking out for Donald Trump. Republicans are looking out for Donald Trump. Who’s looking out for everyone else?

Democrats. Not with words. With action. That has been true since our party’s founding, and it’s true today.

So in 2018, I’m going to beat a path all across this country to stand up for leaders who will stand up for all of us.

Do you stand with Joe?

Are you with me? Are you ready? Then help me fight. Give what you can to help elect a new set of American leaders in districts all around this country — and let’s take back the House.

I truly believe we can do that, Donna. And I think we might even be able to win the Senate, too.

But we’re not going to be able to do it if we’re divided as a movement.

I’m sick and tired of this talk that we have to choose between a progressive party and the party of working people. It’s elitist, and it’s wrong.

High-school educated, working-class folks aren’t imagining what they’re living through. They’ve got real concerns. They’re losing hope. And standing up for those people doesn’t mean we don’t also believe:

Our grandchildren deserve better

That who you love is your business.

That my granddaughters deserve every opportunity that my grandson does.

That violence against women will never be tolerated.

That climate change is real.

So don’t tell me we have to choose between our progressive values and working people.

That’s like telling me I have to rip out my heart to save my soul.

I won’t do it, and this party shouldn’t, either.

I’m making it my number one job this year to get out there and elect the folks who will actually get something done for all of us. Join me.

Thank you.


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Very Presidential message from Joe Biden to Americans

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  1. Biden’s over-all message is fine, as far as it goes. He seems to want Americans to pull together, to prove that America is a successful ‘melting-pot’. However, it is only now that he and the Democratic Party leadership have discovered American poverty and deprivation – 2-1/2 million people suddenly became homeless when the big financial corporations went bust in 2008; many of them are still homeless. Some say America is a tough country; I say it is an inhuman country (and so is Britain with its vast population of homeless people). It was the Democrats’ failure to recognise the poverty within America that delivered the election race to Donald Trump; he didn’t expect to win.

    Biden says that Trump is in it for himself, and nobody else. Maybe. But if so, why does he want to repair America’s infrastructure – what’s in it for him? And isn’t it a good idea, anyway, even if Trump has something to gain from it? All Presidents have been in it for themselves; they all became wealthy (if they weren’t wealthy already).

    What ‘progressive values’ do the conservative wing of the Democratic Party stand for? Confrontation with Russia; a never-ending Cold War II; American financial hegemony and the use of the IMF as the upholder of a cold inhumane economic policy towards Greece and developing countries generally? A tacit support for the neoconservatives in the expansion of American ‘influence’ (diktats) for elf-serving reasons? We ‘foreigners’ know what all this means; we live it. And as Trump has pointed out, many of America’s poor know full well, from personal experience, that American world dominance doesn’t work for them.

    What about Hillary Clinton blocking Bernie Sanders, the truly progressive voice within the Democratic Party? Biden’s condemnation of Trump being self-serving sounds hollow when we see how self-serving Hillary Clinton was towards a nobler and more democratic Democrat than herself.

    Biden is wrong when he claims that the Republic Party as a whole is reactionary. What has actually happened – and Biden knows it – is that both parties have come to be dominated by neoliberalism, the foulest ideology to stain the American and Western governments since Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher first introduced it. It kill people by the thousands every year. It removed citizens’ rights. It tears up the Social Contract that people have with their government. It rides roughshod over representative and responsible government. And it is brutal and heartless. Both the American parties are dominated by neoliberal leaderships and (unwittingly) by their membership and supporters. This is what Biden needs to confront, and he won’t; he won’t breathe a word about it, because it is the elephant in the room of both the Democrats and the Republicans. It is neoliberalism that ensures that the poor remain trapped in poverty and powerlessness. It is neoliberalism that has delivered us Donald Trump and his uncouth language and an uncertain future for America and the whole world.

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