Trump Twitter frenzy continues tonight

Trump lawyers file papers to halt vote recount
President Elect Donald Trump

Trump Twitter frenzy continues tonight

Trump Twitter frenzy continues tonight
CNN Convention stage during the 2016 Election

The Trump Twitter frenzy continues tonight when he goes after CNN for saying that there is no proof that there were millions of fraudulent votes. Donald Trump tweets and Retweets some of his supporters tweets.








In Conclusion 

In conclusion it is becoming very apparent that the President Elect thinks that Tweeting is an appropriate form of communication. When CNN asked some of Trumps staffers tonight if someone was going to tell him to stop tweeting, this was the response:  “I am not going to be the one to tell him to stop.”


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Trump Twitter frenzy continues tonight
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  1. How can anyone with half a brain put that lunatic in power. He rigged this election,It’s proven in Wisconsin and it needs to be looked into all threw this country. Donald trump is mentally ill and so are the people standing with him. If it’s this insane befor He is out in office how will it be better,it was won’t. It will only get worse,cause he is C R A Z Y.

    • Vicki…. remove your head from your ass, and put down the Kool-Aid… what proof do you have that TRUMP rigged the elections ??? while you’re looking for proof, here’s something with PROOF… HILLARY RIGGED THE PRIMARY.. and that is a FACT… please, explain to me… WHY DO YOU DEMOCRATS ALWAYS OVERLOOK THE FACT, THAT HILLARY RIGGED THE PRIMARY… and she should have been disqualified ??????? Please, I can not understand …

      • what a dipstick. clinton did No such thing and that’s a FACT . cia/nsa and putin himself admit to putting out fake news about clinton and being in communication with the rump and his team. of course you don’t understand. you probably paid for that ky the rump is using to screw you !

      • Plain and simple its not in there best interest.spoiled people in power who always have gotten their way do not have very good coping skills. They have a hard time understanding the phrase YOU CAN’T ALWWAN GET WHAT YOU WANT.

    • I would say a clear case of NPD which is very frightening. Hillary is our only chance as Mike Pence is a person to be afraid of with his crazy ways of dealing with gender issues and fundamentalist worldview.

    • I agree. If he gets into office it will be worst thing to ever happen to our country. We absolutely need a recount in every state if necessary. He kept talking about it being rigged but the joke is he knew it was rigged in his favor. He scares me. Also not happy about his Russian connection.

  2. I just want people to look at these Twits and remember that one half of the two-party system thought this guy was Presidential material. If that does not say it all about America today (2016), what does?

  3. I know it’s because there is nothing positive to say about trump, From anyone but his supporters, just like a little kid speaking the truth as we see it, causes him to pick up his toys and go home, I like CNN, keep up the good work, if Alec can put him a frenzy all week, from just a half hour show?? untill the next snl, really how long has he been doing trump,trump is unhinged Temper, Tantrum, Trump, Is this supposed to scare us?? Sad you the country is laughing, and angry at his behavior!!!!

  4. He should learn to do his homework and get real statistics before opening his mouth, then no one could contradict or prove him a liar. It’s not biased when it’s true!

  5. OMG, what a big cry baby. Is this what his administration is going to be, constant tweeting because he doesn’t like what someone else is doing or saying. trump is pathetic. I know 5 yr olds who act more grown up than trump. As Americans we are screwed.

    • Crybaby… this coming from a group that need Safe spaces because they lost… LOL… you Democrats … DEFLECTION is all you know…


  7. Trump is old school and we do respond. He does need to stop because of the criticism he recieves.
    I would like to see a DAILY THOUGHTS kind of thing where he could adress these and other issues at like say 7pm or 7 am after a good nites rest if he ever gets one of those again !
    Trump actually CARES.

  8. What a whiny mean girl. No wonder he’s entering the presidency with one of the lowest approval ratings in history.

  9. Adolf Frump will not be satisfied until everyone bows to his will. He will punish anyone who doesn’t. Sound familiar? CNN, and every news program needs to continue to challenge his lies regardless of the bullying that follows. Many others couldn’t stand up to him. That’s how he became the republican frontrunner and that’s how he conned his way into the presidency. Our first amendment and 2nd amendment need to be protected against this demagogue.

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