Trump puppet Ed Martin continues to disgust CNN viewers across the world

TCNN needs to remove Ed Martin and Jack Kingston from their roster
Trump Puppet Ed Martin

Where does CNN find these people?

Trump puppet Ed Martin continues to disgust CNN viewers across the world

Just about every night, this idiot sits on a CNN panel and defends the indefensible.  It is more than disgusting, it it downright vomit worthy. The Trump puppet Ed Martin continues to disgust CNN viewers across the world.

Who is Ed Martin?

First of all, Mr. Martin is a conservative politician who hails from Missouri. He first earned national attention in 2010 when he suggested that then President Barrack Obama  was “trying to interfere with America’s freedom to worship.” There isn’t anyone he hasn’t annoyed. Now the viewers are starting to voice their opinions about Martin.

Ed can’t keep a straight face

Martin laughs through much of what he says. In addition, his demeanor is off the charts jovial. Furthermore, last night he argued in favor of Donald Trump’s tweets about the NFL. See here.

Martin says we have progress because of Donald Trump while quite the opposite is true. When Don shows Martin Trump’s blatant disrespect of the Flag, Martin stumbles and laughs. He pivots to Obama’s wearing a flag pin. What?

Ed Martin either doesn’t understand

This man either doesn’t understand or had made the choice not too. NFL players are now protesting against Trump’s calling them, ‘son’s of b**ches.” As a result of Trump’s attempt to control the narrative, Trump puppets attempt to carry the false narrative forward.

NFL players are not articulate than Trump

How bizarre is it that men who get their heads bashed in causing TBI have more sense than Donald Trump? These NFL players are coming forward making well thought out and intelligent statements.  Trump brought up Kaepernick last Friday night about doing something last year. He did this to charge up the racists standing before him in Alabama last Friday night. Consequently, it has fired up the issue of racism.  Especially relevant, it also  shows the world once again the idiocy of  Donald Trump.

In conclusion

Ratings for Football are up not down as Trump claims.  It will be interesting to see tonight what happens during Thursday night football.

What our country needs is more LOVE – ENJOY “LOVE IS” by Little River Band!!


Preet Bharara joined the team of Senior Analysts on CNN today
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