Trump Political Role Reversal post election

Trump lawyers file papers to halt vote recount
President Elect Donald Trump

Trump Political Role Reversal post election

There are some Trump political role reversal post election things happening. Let review said things the President elect is now softening up on.

Well we are not almost one full week into the president elects journey to the White House so let’s have a quick look at things and see where he stands today on his four corner stone running points.

Mass Deportation of illegal aliens

First we are going to mass deport all illegal aliens in our country. Well it seems that now that he has earned your trust with that statement he has decided that it is not going to happen quite that way. Don’t worry Donald, we have already secured the boarders, we elected you and now no one wants to immigrate here.

Squash Obama Care like a bug

Secondly, he said he was going to completely decimate and get rid of the Affordable Health Care act known as Obama Care and replace it with something that was going to work and be “great”. Wait, let’s apply the brakes. He now says that he is going to consider keeping and modifying the same plan he vowed to stop. Since I am sure that makes his supporters sick, they can be glad they can still have health care to go to the doctor.

Lock her up

Third he was going to immediately have Secretary Clinton and have her answer to the email “scandal” that he used throughout the campaign. Uh, oh – now he says we’ll have to see how things go. Darned it all, you just can’t seem to believe anything he ran on.

A Woman has no rights to her own body

Fourth he has said that he is going to go after Planned Parenthood and a woman’s right to choose. It looks like he is in the process of re-evaluating that position at this point in time as well.

So it is mere days after he was announced as the president elect and he has significantly pulled back on many of his key positions and campaign promises. If I had supported him then that would have more than annoyed me.

When he was at the White House meeting President Obama he truly looked like a deer in the headlights. I don’t think he really expected to win and now he does not know what to do.

Each new day finds a larger growing disdain for the president elect and protests are breaking out in major cities across the country. They are growing in size and will likely continue. There are also plans to stage a protest on the day of his inauguration in Washington D.C. and the day after.

He was going to put Americans to work, “drain the swamp” and cut spending to “Make America Great Again.” We’ll have to see if he can put more Americans to work or not, so far there has been no indication that he can or can’t do that so let’s give him that one for now.

Swamp Scum

If we take a look at his appointees for the cabinet staff he is putting together it looks like he did indeed drain the swamp. He took all the bottom scum from that swamp and placed them in his cabinet.

Now as for cutting spending and the expense load on the taxpayer. Stop for a minute and let this sink in a minute. The orange man plans on spending 4 days a week in the White House and the other 3 in his home in Trump Tower in New York City. Other than the ridiculousness of that statement, think of the cost to the US Tax payer to keep him safe in that building.

The White House is a Safe House

The White House is designed as a place to keep him safe. Trump Tower is going to have to be retro fit for safety. The Secret Service says it is a nightmare logistically speaking.

So if the carrot topped one insists on making Trump Tower White House 2, let him secure it with his own money and not ours. I don’t know about you but the cost factor alone would tell me that if he wants to stay there pull his security detail once he leaves the White House and let him defend himself.

The Popular Vote of Hillary Clinton

Mrs. Clinton won by popular vote and the Donald got in by his rich friends buying the electoral vote. Those are simply the facts. I respect our nation and I respect the office of President of the United States. I just don’t know if I can fully support a man that won and has some major lawsuits pending.

Time will tell whether we made a good or a bad choice as a nation. Perhaps the issue will take care of its self due to the lawsuits.

Conflict of Interest

Let’s not even get into the fact that he is having his children help with the cabinet and they are going to be in charge of the Trump brand which as president he will be able to gently nudge laws in favor of. That point is easily able to be the subject of a whole article by its self.

Anybody up for an Impeachment?

Impeachment may well be an answer. It is certainly one a lot of folks, even some Republicans are thinking. But the real issue here isn’t getting him OUT of office, it is how we ever let him IN to office in the first place.

Editorial by Dashal Jennings 


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Trump Political Role Reversal post election

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  1. Donald Trump has made a career out of being a charlatan and a fraud. Now we see him vacillate between trying to backpedal on the “red meat” he offered his base during the presidential campaign on the one hand, and bringing in a gallery of grotesques including alt-right darling Steve Bannon for his inner circle on the other.
    Quite simply, neither he nor his entourage should ever be allowed to occupy the White House. And there may be a way to legally prevent it, if enough individual Electors are convinced to switch their votes. It could be done. Join the petition effort at to make it happen:

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