Steve Burton announces upcoming plans

Steve Burton announces upcoming plans
From left to right: Jonathan Jackson & Steve Burton, owners of Jack and Jameson's Smokehouse

Steve Burton announces upcoming plans

Steve Burton announces upcoming plans in Tennessee at his co-owned restaurant. In addition Burton’s offering up Q & A sessions at his restaurant.  He has invited another former cast mate from General Hospital to join him.

Q & A with Burton and Bradford  

First of all, the restaurant Jack & Jameson’s Smokehouse just celebrated its grand opening this past weekend. Additionally, on November 5, 2016, there will be a special event Q & A with Steve Burton.  That event will also include the whimsical Bradford Anderson (Damien Spinelli) from General Hospital.

Karaoke Spinelli Style

What’s interesting to note is that Bradford Anderson is presenting Karaoke.  This has been announced on the restaurants Facebook page.  These guys are great friends and maybe they are helping each other out. Most noteworthy is Karaoke is happening shortly after the Q & A session.

Leaving Young and Restless 

Especially relevant, Burton tweeted he is leaving Young and Restless.  His contract ends in December. Consequently it seems he is putting his ambitions into the restaurant. As a result it looks like he is employing former cast mates from General Hospital.  Bradford Anderson is currently on recurring status on the soap.  Seems like Burton is looking out for him.

Focusing on Music

Steve Burton and Jonathan Jackson are both following musical dreams.  They both live in the Nashville area.  Jackson is currently filming the nigh time drama “Nashville.” Burton is finishing out his time with Y &R and focusing on his music, his band Port Chuck, his restaurant and family. There is no confirmation that he is returning to Port Charles/General Hospital.

Information regarding Jack and Jameson’s Smokehouse

In conclusion, the restaurant is located at 509 Hillsboro Road, Franklin, Tennessee. Jack and Jameson’s Smokehouse delivers southern comfort food & draft beer served in country-style digs.  Live Entertainment is featured regularly. For more information or reservations, call 615-465-6253.  Tickets for the event can be purchased here.


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Steve Burton announces future plans
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