SNL touches hearts of Hillary supporters

SNL touches hearts of Hillary supporters
Hillary Clinton

SNL touches hearts of Hillary supporters

SNL touches hearts of Hillary supporters
Hillary Clinton

Tonight’s SNL touches hearts of Hillary supporters. Saturday Night Live’s show kicked off very serious and very somber.  It was a tribute to both Hillary Clinton and Leonard Cohen.  Hearts broke all over America this week when Hillary Clinton won the popular vote for lost the electoral vote .  That electoral vote was won by a man who used fear mongering and incited violence at everyone of his rallies.  The world lost legend Leonard Cohen.

Home run for SNL

SNL hit a home run with their intro, at least for the people who voted for Hillary which happens to be more actual people than voted for Donald Trump. As Donald Trump is now back peddling on his campaign promises even before he is sworn into office, lets see how long the honeymoon between he and his voters last.

All of the people that Trump insulted during his campaign are letting him know how they feel by protesting in major cities all over the country since the night after election.  Today Michael Moore tried to get an appointment to see Donald Trump at Trump Towers but he was unsuccessful. He took viewers with him on this trip via Facebook live.

Kate McKinnon Rocks

The opening of first SNL after the election opened with Kate Mckinnon on stage with a piano dressed as Hillary Clinton, performing Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah.’ The view may have been waiting for something funny to happen but instead tears were flowing all over America.  Alec Baldwin as no where to be found on the SNL stage tonight and America thanks him.

Chris Rock who threw his hat into the political ring for 2020 was a special guest on SNL tonight as well.  At the end of the song, Kate as Hillary said this:  “I’m not giving up and neither should you.”  She is a warrior and still has so much “Unfinished Business.”


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  1. You said “As Donald Trump is not back peddling on his campaign promises”, I think you meant to say ‘now back peddling”. May want to fix that.

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