Kayleigh McEnany and Paris Dennard are two of the most hated commentators on CNN

Kayleigh McEnany and Paris Dennard are two of the most hated commentators on CNN
Kayleigh McEnany and Paris Dennard

Kayleigh McEnany and Paris Dennard are two of the most hated commentators on CNN

Kayleigh McEnany and Paris Dennard are two of the most hated commentators on CNN
Don Lemon

Kayleigh McEnany and Paris Dennard are two of the most hated commentators on CNN.  How many people turn the channel when these two show up on a panel on CNN?  How many different ways can CNN be told that people don’t want to see these two alternative facts commentators any longer?  Don Lemon has had more than several arguments with Paris Dennard on the air. He has told Kayleigh to her face that she is over the top when it comes to Donald Trump. Is he being forced to have them back on the air?

What kind of money does CNN pay them?

Do they get paid per appearance or is it a yearly salary?  Perhaps it is by the lie?  If that is the case, these two are really raking it in because every time they open their mouths, the lies flow out.  They do it with ease and in many cases with righteous indignation.

Paris Dennard defends everything Trump

Dennard defends everything Trump from the Access Hollywood tape to accusing President Obama of wire tapping him at Trump Towers.  In fact, Dennard even says that we should forgive Trump for bragging about sexual assault because he said he was sorry.  It sounds even more ridiculous when I type it out and read and back.

Kayleigh McEnany thinks he is doing a good job

McEnany has calmed down with some of her defense of Trump but she tells anybody that will listen that he is doing a good job.  Does this woman not care about her reputation?  Does she not care how people view her?  Maybe she never has any intention of practicing law?  Who would hire an attorney that lies to the public everyday?  Hence, maybe that is what people want, a lawyer that lies?

4 years of this

Will the American people have to endure 4 years of people like McEnany and Dennard defending the undefendable?  We can’t for one minute let anybody make us believe that this is a normal Presidency.  This is not and Donald Trump is NOT NORMAL.

In conclusion

People need to continue to email CNN and call them on the phone and let them know they don’t want to see these people.  Do you think Kayleigh McEnany and Paris Dennard are two of the most hated commentators on CNN?

We would really like to hear from you about how you feel about this because it truly is about the viewers.


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    • After reading article after article in the past 3 to 4 days I think that the whole administration is involved with Russian ties. It’s like when u get your car stuck in the mud, the more you spin those tires the deeper they grind in. I would say that is a lot of mud on this administration,and they have just begun to sling it.

      It will be interesting to see how it play’s out in the next couple of weeks.

      Most trump enthusiast will have mud and egg on their faces. Bon appetite my friends.

    • I feel you Sister Joanne. I’m not sure which of these two numb sculls is the biggest “horses ass”; however, they will make me more conscious of supporting learning and mentallly deficient programs in the future

    • Is Daily Banner still forwarding these messages to CNN? I hope so. I cannot understand why CNN would have Dennard and McEnany on. I have to switch to another news source when they are on the panel. Not helpful in a newsworthy way…just so much noise. CNN CAN DO BETTER!

  1. I agree these two commentators are so bad and hateful. I cannot watch CNN when they are on. But Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper LOVE them for their shows because of the shows ratings. CNN tries so hard to appeal to the Republican and #45 supporters for their ratings. #45 always says how much he hates CNN and thinks they report fake news, but love when these two commentators are on ( and probably #45 tells CNN when to have them on ). I will continue to not watch CNN whenthey are on. Everyone should be watching MSNBC anyway.

  2. I truly cannot stand to listen to the two of them defend someone like Trump! I really dislike them and turn off CNN when they are on

  3. Both of these people will defend anything trump. I have yaken to watching cnn because i cannot syand to see them. Dont like Rick Santorum either. Fire them all.

  4. I turn CNN off when these alternative fact Trump mouthpieces are on. CNN is destroying their reputation by giving airtime to these vitriol inept ignorant liars. It is sad that CNN who use to be reputable when Ted Turner owned the network. It has gone down hill since. I only watch the true reputable investigating reporters who are on CNN who report the true facts. The talking heads that only voice their opinion and not fact should be fired. Trump is right. Some of your reporting is fake news, like the ones who spew his alternative facts. RIP CNN if you do not change your ways.

  5. They are both so young and ignorant. They act like they can debate with someone like David Gergen or Van Jones. It’s crazy to me and sometimes I just have to change the channel. Kayleigh just needs to take her shoes off and get back in the kitchen like her party thinks she should do.

    • I have switched to MSNBC because of these 2 , Jeffrey Lord and Cory Lendowski! They are all horrible! Too argumentative…do NOT consider facts..they are just plain dumb robots. I can do a better job.

    • I disagree. They are blatantly attempting to twist facts to trump’s stories. They are true {{LACKEYS}}, not journalists. With social media, Videos etc we are constantly able to demonstrate trump’s lies….and yet, these people plus Lord, simple ignore what is real.

    • Dennard sees no reason to debate. Every time I have watched him he talks over anyone else. If CNN wants to keep scheduling them, the moderators need to shut them off when they trample responses. McEnany is vapid but since both are fingernails on a chalkboard, she offends me less.

  6. These fools are the epitome of complete ignorance! Dennard is a house negro personafied! Really? We are supposed to forgive #45’s disgusting sexist comments about women? Hell no! And how dare you disrespect President Obama! This current bum isn’t fit to stand in his shoes! You Dennard, are a disgrace to your profession and to your community.
    As for McEnany, she should be called McNincompoop! She’s just another dumb blond who is probably trying to compete for a place in #45’s bed, since that seems to be his preference: stupid young girls with the I.Q.s of haystacks. Any female who would defend this disrespectful chauvinistic pig is an idiot with no self respect at all!
    These two need to fired and they should never be allowed to do broadcasting or any kind of television networking again. We have enough stupidity on the air without adding Tweedle Duh and Tweedle Dumb ass on it!

  7. I love Anderson and Don.That girl Kayleigh and that man are deplorable human bebeings well as Jeff, Cory.I don’t care how smart they are ,a lie is a dam lie. I refuse to watch them two they are playing a dangerous game to get paid.That girl is so far off the scale of being logical she sound crazy simple minded and doesn’t care about humanity, woman,and what we the people have fought for and she a dam woman.That boy actions, behavior is deceptive racist against his own people he is paid for selling his soul. I turn the TV to MSNBC Rachael And ALL OF THE STAFF ARE GREAT STRONGER Smart clear fair Trump afraid of the truth Rachael Phd educated l love her. ANDERSON AND LEMON I love them There is one lady dresses very very well senior ancher love her.I think you should get that girl and that fake disgraceful man thing off your show.They are deplorable.They divide we the people with their alternatives truth.

  8. No one can be that damn dumb …. so call educated people…. taking up space …… I can’t stand looking or listening to these two lying ass people….

  9. I’ve stopped watching CNN because of the Trump mouth pieces. Why they give them airtime to spew their false realities is certainly their choice; but it is my choice not to be subjected to and discusted by their comments.

  10. It doesn’t pay to listen to their weird and idiotic interpretations if 45’s actions and words. Boot- lickers both. I actually tense up when they are on screen.

  11. Rosa parks would have slapped silly Paris dennard and what kind of a name is paris?it’s like being name Sue or ??

  12. As someone who tends not to hold grudges,I find these two rather despicable. Of all the commentators and pundits I’ve listened to, what I find egregiously insulting is the level of ignorance that in no way, can be reasoned with. They normalized Trump from the day her first announced his candidacy. Listening to Kayleigh’s views, its hard to comprehend how she managed to get J.D. from Harvard. The two are pretty much miniature versions of Trump, when they put forth an argument or criticism, they never come up with facts to back up their assertions.

  13. These two IDIOTS plus Lord do not pay attention to FACTS. They are an example of how trumpies think, or rather, simply TWIST anything to divert attention or make up some ridiculous storyline. You can watch their faces and know that while FACTS are laid out, they are thinking of ways to make it sound the opposite. UGH!!!

  14. They both talk over whoever is behind the desk and the other guests. “Rude idiots” as I search for the remote control.

  15. I actually will change the channel when they come on. They do not help anyone by trying to justify trumps lies!!!! They actually look pathetic!!!!

  16. You can also add Andre Bauer, that idiot from my state(SC) to the list. I’d rather watch Beavis and Butthead than listen to these apologists any time they appear on CNN. Please Don and Anderson, deliver us.

  17. They are the most discusting two on tv. She is nothing but a cry baby if anyone says anything about discusting trump and Paris is just as bad.

  18. It is truly mind boggling how delusional you people REALLY are. You all have bought into the heaping pile of steaming horse manure that the “golden boy ” dished out over the last 8 years. Blind devotion to the destruction of the greatest civilization to have EVER existed. So sad.

  19. Dennard almost had an aneurism on Brooke Baldwin’s show just now. He is a total tool. You should take a look at his lame website for a laugh. As for Kayleigh McEnany, I think she likely was inbred judging by the abnormal distance between her eyes. Jefferey Lord and McEnany are now gone. Hopefully we can take back our news by ridding ourselves of Dennard, Jayson Miller, Andre Bauer and Jerk Kingston. Combined IQ of 0.0

  20. Interesting to see I am not the only one that has stopped watching CNN because of these Trump people. Paris Denard. Kayleigh Mceneny, Jack Kingston, Jason Miller, Ben whathisname, Andre Bauer….too many to count. These people insult everyone’s intelligence. I can not watch when they come on. Please CNN stop putting these opinionated mental midgets on the air. Normalizing Trump is heartbreaking for me because I love my country and watching this stuff happen is painful. How will we ladtfor 3 more years. It is terrifying to think we will get involved in nuclear war because trump is bored and wants to prove he can unleash unspeakable misery on this world!!

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