Is Donald Trump causing a rash of hives across the nation during his presidency


Is Donald Trump causing a rash of hives across the nation during his presidency
Donald Trump gives me hives

Is Donald Trump causing a rash of hives across the nation during his presidency

Is Donald Trump causing a rash of hives across the nation during his presidency
Donald Trump gives me hives

Is Donald Trump causing a rash of hives across the nation during his presidency.  We are never supposed to talk in first person so let’s just call this an editorial since I am the editor.  I have been experiencing something strange since last summer.  It started around the same time Trump was on TV everyday all day.

Donald Trump gives me hives

It got really bad on election day and the day after when the reality set in that the electoral college had elected this man to office.  How could anybody think this self absorbed self indulgent piece of human excrement be suitable for the highest office in government?  Little bumps popped up all over my hands and arms.

So what he is rich

There are a lot of rich men out there that have money that I wouldn’t want in my house.  Crooks and thieves and pigs are very capable of making money.  Con men are even better at it. I was married to one once, I know from where I speak

Experienced with bull crap

Maybe it is my past experiences that have taught me when I am being conned.  Maybe it is the fact that I am from New York and have known of and about Donald Trump since I was 10.  All I know is I know a bull crap artist when I hear one and Trump is expert at bull crap.

Turn the channel or get hives

It is this simple, I can’t listen to him or I break out into hives.  I was wondering if this was happening to anyone else in America?  Is this man causing a hives epidemic in our country?  Are there other people having negative physical reactions to Trump?  Does the sound of his voice give you a migraine?  Does looking at him make you want to rip your eyes out?  Let us know what type of physical reaction you have to hearing, seeing or having Donald Trump forced on you?


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Shocking Trump Apprentice tapes leaked via Comedian Tom Arnold

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  1. I cannot stomach seeing and/or hearing him. I have to turn off the TV when he’s on because I start to feel nauseated…and my blood pressure goes up too.

    • Same here. Can not look or listen to him. He literally makes me ill. If I was a violent person… thank GOD harming anything is against the core of my being, I have too much ethics and morals… which is probably why I can not tolerate him…

    • My stomach turns to acid when i hear his voice; i want to wash my eyes with bleach after i see a picture of his smug face. I get migraines when i hear his latest excuse for failure, i am wesry of his rhetoric. My blood pressure jumps every time he goes on a racist, bigoted, rant and i truly want to see him in prison for his collusion with Russia. And the rampant nepotism enrages me. I swesr, I am going to stroke out soon if he is not impeached.

    • EXACTLY!! If his name comes up I usually scroll on, fast.
      I am trying to hide as much as possible.
      I think we are having to go through the stages of grief to come out on the other side of this.
      And then we will start to have effective thoughts and actions.
      That is important because we are in a situation that only periodically has beset our nation, Andrew Jackson comes to mind, Chester Arthur.. a few more fit the description…
      Avoidance at all times as much as possible is all I can sort of cope with…

  2. I have been to the ER twice this week and am out of work for a severe case of hives that cannot be connected to anything. I have had to take myself off the computer due to the rage I am feeling in regards to what is happening in this country. Maybe it is from 45!

  3. I just got out of the hospital for a bad case of hives, it very well could have been caused by being upset over trump. It most certainly added to it.

  4. Donald Trump is Satan’s Prodigy. Like Satan he gave up empathy, sympathy and compassion, to become a Liar, Con Artist, Greedy, Vain Narcissistic.

  5. I’ve gained 40’poundsnsince the election. So emotionally distraught and I’ve always turned to food. I am stressed and as a result also get irritable very easily

  6. I get Anxieties frequently, stomach problems, headaches, fighting with my spouse over #45, very scared and very angry!

  7. Just got released from hospital for 7 days for stomach problems and new high blood pressure and anxiety and depression

  8. Trump in office gives me a huge amount of depressed moods and anxiety which causes more cortisol to enter my body and lowers my immune system. I have always been one who was once very healthy and rarely caught viruses or flu. Since his election, I’ve been sick 3 times in 4 months.

  9. I find Donald Trump the most frightening man in the world right now. He is all about his power rather than being all about the people and the country. He appears to be woefully ignorant about government, diminishes every stand with petty remarks about others and then touts himself. He appears to be the most mentally unbalanced, unqualified and ignorant POTUS in history and every day I find him scarier and scarier and he takes on the much want aura of a dictator. I find it impossible that the country truly elected him and believe a thorough investigation into Russian influence and hacking is appropriate…….HE IS DANGEROUS AND UNFIT FOR OFFICE!

  10. I am 60. I remember walking home from school during the cold war and touring a fallout shelter. That anxiety is back. My blood pressure is so high…

  11. I become physically ill at the very mention of his name! I cannot be believe he’s in our White House! He and his entire family and Cabinet appointments make my stomach roil!

  12. I just listened to this moron ..donnie..say we are going to war with North Korea..Also a former. FBI agent..Watts..talking about the White House NOT VETTING MICHAEL FLYNN…YES..I have hives and my husband had 2 heart attacks right after the election.Its not just hives..although it is a strange manifestation of overall anxiety.We are so screwed.It needs to stop…NOW.Only the republicans can save our country…Will they? Or will money win.We Are So Screwed.

  13. People whom I’ve know for years have turned into people I don’t know I’ve decided either I’m in an episode of The Twilight Zone or we have an entire country The Stepford Wives I am void large crowds and I’m drinking a lot more

  14. I feel that tRump is like a dictator. Also the Republican party is like Nazi puppets. They are ruining are country. They have brought the hate in this country like I have never seen before. They are only for the rich. tRump himself is a draft dodger. I worrie about my grand children with the people we have in Washington. It is like living in a communist country.

  15. I get itchy, irritable, and feel complete hopelessness if I hear or see anything he has done at any time.
    I have headaches and migraines on an almost daily basis.
    I keep resisting and will not allow myself to stop, but he is killing us and they are allowing it!

  16. Anxiety like never before. I wonder every day where and when this is going to stop and I get more anxious when I see again that it won’t.

  17. I cannot watch or listen to him because I get so angry! Few people can make me this angry. I just want to smack that face, very hard. I keep wishing something would happen to make him leave office, anything, even injury. I am frustrated with the stupid people who will not see what damage he and his cohorts are doing to the country, to the earth, to our allies. They will not see how much foreign leaders despise him. He wants war with someone, anyone. He is all about himself. I know people don’t like my facebook posts against him, but women did not get to vote by being silent. I hate it when people say they are “not political”. This is our lives here!!!!!!

    • THANK YOU for that. It’s EXACTLY how I feel about the Facebook thing. Trump is a destroyer. However, the people that like him and voted for him are dug in like tics. It will take a miracle for them to actually see, because they’ve been so brain washed.

  18. Stress headache and severe nausea on Election Night, so bad that we turned off the TV before the official announcement. Since then, my doctor upped the dose on my BP medication, and last month I was treated for a severe case of hives, cause unknown, that covered 1/3 of my body. They finally went away after two courses of steroids and 15 days on antifungal medication. As to my viewing and listening-Donald Trump is not allowed on my television, radio, or social medial. I don’t watch anything but local news, turn the channel or scroll on past when DT shows up, and I’m listening to a lot more classic rock and online music streaming, and exponentially less NPR. My mantra these days is “Not only is it worse than you imagine, it’s also worse than you CAN imagine”. Under that premise, I don’t need to know the details. The swamp was drained alright, but only so that Donald Trump could make a bigger, deeper swamp.

  19. I have MS and feel like I’ve been living in a constant relapsing state since November 8th! My stress levels require 3 xanax a night to sleep!

  20. There are nights I cannot sleep because of Trump and his irrational rants of racism and ignorance. when I do sleep I awake and am shocked all over again that he is president. I’m suffering depression and living in fear.

  21. I cannot stomach him. He makes sick to my stomach and my blood pressure escalates. He is so evil. I was severely depressed for the first couple of months after the election. Now I am just very sad for this country. I really want to leave.


  23. Anxiety, anger, fear, sadness and outrage. Like a nightmare that keeps adding plot twists and ogres to its cast of characters… with no end in sight. And you can’t turn it off. Oh, let’s not forget embarrassed. I thought the USA was so much better than Trump and his ill informed, hostile, sexist, racist, etc. followers, but I guess I was wrong. It’s sad.

  24. Partial paralysis my left side from microstrokes, a week in the hospital and one in rhab so far. Also now on blood pressure medicine as well as chlorestoral meds

  25. Very high blood pressure, even at rest. Fear. Losing sleep more than I ever have. Scared of being bombed from another country because of trumps tweets.

  26. “Cannot look at his face…because he is and looks evil”. “Cannot listen to anything he says as it makes me feel like throwing up”.

  27. I have PTED. Post Traumatic Election Disorder. I’ve been in varied states of shock since Hillary lost the Electoral College vote. I’m Bipolar 2 with Anxiety Disorder so this is not helping at all. I despise him and Sean Spicer. They both give me the creeps. And the lying and manipulating. How is he getting away with everything. He acts like a dictator. A king. G-d help us.

    • Jill, welcome to my world. See my post from Harriet Kaufman below. I’m NOW start to worry if he leaves, how Pence is WORSE. And, don’t get me started on how mean Vampire Ryan the blood sucker is. How do we get away from it all?

  28. This man makes me feel physically ill , he evokes a rage I have never felt !when I listen to him talk or listen to one of his incompetent puppets I feel a feeling of helplessness , anger , despair because of all of the harm they are doing to to our country !! This man and his cronies seem to delight in the mass confusion and discontent they are causing with their racist,Bigot, lying, war monger behaviors !!! I have to implement breathing techniques to keep my chest from feeling tight ! He makes me SICK

  29. Yes, my health has suffered. The last one hundred days brought eye surgery, a bone spur, difficulty swallowing, and sleeplessness. Coincidence or direct correlation? I am going with the latter. I enjoyed perfect health during the Obama years. I fear the future for the first time in my life. Anxiety and anger are my new best friends.

  30. OK. I suffer from PTSD, chronic major depressive disorder, and extreme anxiety…and, you ask if our president is causing people PHYSICAL/EMOTIONAL hives? I’m worried about getting my SSI. I’m worried about my food stamps. I’m worried about my mental health insurance disappearing. I awaken in the middle of the night EVERY NIGHT worried about my future. He is definitely worsening my symptoms of fear for the poor, elderly, and mentally ill. I’m also worried about HUD housing being reduced. I cry everyday, especially every day I hear that he just even WANTS to cut something, like the EPA. I’m an animal advocate, and saving animals is my life’s purpose. His sons are TROPHY HUNTERS. He does not care one bit about any program that does not incur revenue. We are all just cattle to him. Poor cattle. MMMMMM. He sure enjoys his steaks.

  31. Most definitely. My counselor even said that she hears it every day. Personally, my depression has nose dived, my concentration is minimal, and I literallly wake up everyday concerned about our country. The sadness and the hopelessness is like never before.

  32. The night of the election, I felt like I was having a heart attack (I wasn’t), but I haven’t slept well since that day. I’ve gained weight, I’m on Facebook way more than normal & I cannot bear to look at this narcissistic monster’s face. I’ve cried more in the last 5 months than in the last decade. The fact that he and the Republicans are willing to allow the Earth to be defiled, putting every living thing in mortal danger, is beyond evil. I keep wanting to wake up & find that this has been a long, horrible nightmare.
    I didn’t totally like Clinton, but if she were president, we’d be seeing PROGRESS, not the wholesale destruction of everything we hold dear.

  33. I cane down with an ulcer, THEE day after Election Day! I had no idea what was going on for the longest time. I named the ulcer “Trump”, because he gave it to me, and when I finally kill it off for good, I’ll have some measure of satisfaction, for a dream partially coming true. I have also had no end of gastrointestinal problems every day since the election. I have had 5 severe hives outbreaks since then too. They were in and on everything! And I do mean EVERYTHING! Twice I couldn’t even close my eyes or blink properly. I so surprised to see all these other people who have been suffering with the same ailments. It gives one validation. I’m glad to hear of all these other people, but am so sorry for all their suffering. I guess I can now stop questioning my sanity. I think.

  34. I don’t have hives but anxiety, and nausea as soon as I see or hear him, or think about this Russian Puppet in the white house. I am constantly worried, on alert, and upset. I was calm and positive with Obama..he is making us physically sick..

  35. YES> Give him back the rash. Just show 45 sex tapes ,. Just describing and calling names will not be productive. We want a realistic solution, not debate , useless time and energy. We all are looking at a very corrupt administration who really does not care a hoot who they hurt as long as they can drain the US TREASURY. This is not the sane era. The Dems have to fight back with the weapon available since the GOPs and 45 do not respect the law and use every law and opportunity to their advantage while Dems sit there to voice eloquent rhetoric only which lead to nothingness. Just show the sex tapes and it will be over. If all those Russian ties and collusions are so blatant and the Intel are denying there is collusion, how can you believe all these drama? It is a game for all of them. FBI Comey said he was not partisan and had no malice when he released HRC emails to defraud her of the win. Why can’t Comey release the sex tapes of 45 to prove that he is really not partisan and has no malice . Or is he really, really not partisan and has no malice???? Prove it Comey. Release the sex tapes.

    • Don’t forget the taxes…and not the ones from 10 years ago. He’s hiding something…where is partisan now?? Show the taxes!! They made Hillary’s emails public…why isn’t he forcing Trumpet to show his most recent taxes. It is all game. The only thing that *might* save us are the midterms.

  36. He gives me a literal pain in the neck and I have had nightmares. My solution: I listen to music and I do not watch the news. I support my local PBS stations and NPR and listen until the sound of his voice comes on. I support newspapers and tweet back at him. Have been to two marches and call my representatives. The only thing for it is to fight back. Practice yoga. Predator45 ss a thief, liar, fraud and traitor. He gives me a headache.

  37. Absolutely. Being a woman I have been horrified. I’ve also felt anxious, depressed, defeated, scared, alone, trapped (in America), hopelessness, extreme resentment to the people who voted/support him, disappointment in people who I thought were good people, shocked (by the accepted extreme misogyny in our country)… the list goes on. Some feelings I won’t even mention.

  38. Depression, anxiety, insomnia, massive gastrointestinal upset (i.e. diarrhea). He is breaking the world. All of it.

  39. I have been so angry since the election. He turns my stomach. Can’t stand listening to him or hearing his voice. Same goes for McConnell and Ryan and any of his supporters on tv or I my personal life. Never been like this before. It has hit something very deep in me and he will NEVER be my president! I absolutely hate how Hillary Clinton was demonized and mistreated by so many! It sickens me!

  40. Absolutely. I don’t get hives, but my stomach does flip-flops. There’s the fight or flight response that can’t be resolved. I find it hard to sleep and worry that the next day will find us at war, or worse even. The thing is, I know this man is a con artist who has invited a whole hive of the worse examples of man kind to not only rip us off short term, but have plans of doing so way into the future. I don’t trust anything any of them do and wouldn’t put it past them to rig elections, bribe judges or even put us in a situation similar to what is going on in Venezuela. All my life, I trusted my government to protect and defend our country. I knew it wasn’t perfect, no government is, I knew we had some bad players in congress and the senate, but had no idea how bad it had gotten. But now I know. And from this point on, I will never trust our government again, even if somehow we get it back. I’m leaving. Not kidding. We are packing up to go.

  41. In all my years on this earth, I can’t remember ANY American politician that has affected my well-being like 45. I didn’t vote for Reagan or Bush, but I was fine with them governing the nation. In this case, I have a feeling of hopelessness that I have never had before, and I actually fear for our country.

  42. There was a joke posted here in Sweden, by a Swede, on what you’d take with you to a deserted island where you’d have to spend the rest of your life. Best answer: “I’d take one for the team and have Trump with me.” Personally, I’d managed to stop biting my nails and the inside of my cheeks starting December 2015, breaking a lifelong nervous habit. Started again in the fall and it’s worse than ever.


  44. I feel sick to my stomach pretty much all the time. I don’t sleep well. I find myself screaming at the radio, and I don’t watch the news as much as I used to because I can’t stand seeing his disgusting face or hearing his whiny little voice. I’m doing everything I can to become politically active but I still feel like it’s not enough and I’m scared for the future.

  45. I have been in a state of hypervigilance since Trump and the Russians stole the election while the nation watched. They hypervigilance leads to full blown PTSD symptoms over time. I cope by cutting those people out of my life that sign on and endorse a misogynistic, racist, tax evading, draft dodging, lying, xenophobic, sexually predatory criminal who fits the classic definition of a Narcissist (and a Malignant Narcissist at that). What’s worse, the VP and the next two in line make me nauseous every time I see their names or hear their voices. To cope, I regularly send donations in honor of these people to Planned Parenthood every time I read about their attacks on women and reproductive rights. Planned Parenthood is kind enough to send them a note advising them of a contribution made in their name. I do the same with when they attack LGBTQ rights, and the Human Rights Commission We have to put our money where our mouth is.

  46. I have no use for him. He makes me sick to my stomach the way he is destroying this country. Fear about War because he only know how to bully. It will take years to rebuild relationship with other countries.

  47. Yes, headaches, insomnia, panic attacks and to put it bluntly, mind-f**ked. Feels like we’re all on some different plane of existence,where there’s no reality anymore,and it will never stop, only this is real.

  48. Donald Trump is the worst president that I can remember the thought of him makes me sick he is not doing anything to make this country better and I think he has done some illegal stuff he does not speak for me he needs to go

  49. DTrump’s face affects my peace of mind. I do not watch him for more than a split second! I cannot stomach him or his words! I feel repulsed! I have pain issues…his being such an incompetent president doesn’t help in this regard. Sometimes I feel like I am living in a nightmare…let me wake up and President Obama be in charge!

  50. You know, I hadn’t even thought about the possibility of a connection. I have fibromyalgia, so pain is nothing new. But, for the last few months, I have been having worse than usual pain in my shoulders and neck, where I carry tension from stess. I also was diagnosed with shingles yesterday and told stress sets it off. I detest 45. I don’t want to hear his name, see his face, or hear his voice. He makes me wince with revulsion.

  51. He is such an asshole who has shown me the flaws of the system that we have, and how easily corrupted it is, and am watching how we are starting to collapse as a superpower that, I’ve turned right to Marxism.

  52. Yes it is real!! I did a podcast interview with a therapist on this very topic. It is especially real for women who are being emotionally triggered.! Podcast Women Transcend – Politics, Aggression, & Women’s Malaise –

  53. His voice is like nails on a chalk board and his face makes me vomit. Sometimes I just start crying when I realize this is not a dream. I can’t imagine what brought us to this point that America would vote this man into office. He’s the most corrupt, unethical and narcissistic man to ever sit in the Oval Office…

  54. I have stage IV cancer. The rollercoaster of concern I’ve experienced over the healthcare debates may literally be killing me. No fear, it looks like whatever horror show of a bill he signs will be my death warrant, regardless. I can’t believe I have to deal with this as well as my health.

  55. I am not well psychologically since trump presidency: horrified . I live 40 years under KGB regime, had come to America 2001, was happy… AND now again to live under KGB puppet ? I thought I saved my son from that horror … AND now again. God help me, I cannot stand it.

  56. I essentially had a three week mental breakdown after his election. I’m gay, and I live in the southern us with my wife. The night he got elected was bad enough, but we basically spent the next three weeks in a haze. I distinctly remember having a sobbing meltdown on the couch and saying “I don’t want to die” to my then fiancée over and over. Trumps rhetoric has created a climate in which people feel empowered to lash out at minorities. Since his election, I’ve been fired, denied jobs, and even denied interviews because of my sexuality. We’ve had things thrown at our car. People scream things at us on the streets. We effectively live in constant fear of somebody doing something awful to us. I may not have had hives, but I definitely had to brandish a cup of boiling coffee at a nazi to get him to leave me alone at a gas station recently. It’s a different world down here.

    • I am so sorry. I wish you could come north, as the great divide is happening again and the more rural areas are feeling less safe every day. I wish some peace of mind.

  57. The week after the election I spent three days in the ER with restricted breathing. 100’s of tests later I was knock out and sent home on stress meds.
    I still get sick when I hear his voice. Thank God for fast forword when his ORANGE TROLL face shows up on the news.
    If Martin Luther King Jr and Kennedy was killed why is he still walking around

  58. His voice or his picture generates an extreme negative physical reaction. My mouth fills and I have the overwhelming need to spit. I literally do spit every time I pass his taxpayer’s money sucking tower. Disgust is visceral and physical.

  59. Yes. When I am very stressed I develop a condition where the skin on my hands and fingers starts to peel (palm side). Last time it happened I had a 1-year old, unemployed, was going through a divorce and my mom was dying of cancer. So yeah.

  60. I have so many friends suffering from stress and anxiety (this includes myself of course) because of this roller coaster of a presidency. I find myself having a hard time getting to sleep at night because of my concern for my health care, my country, and what other countries must think of us. It is a stressful time and I am always looking for advice on how to survive and thrive during this tumultuous political climate. I recently read a fantastic book that I think you and your readers will benefit from greatly called, “Seven Keys to Surviving the Trump Presidency” written by Dr. Kiran Dintyala ( He is someone who is dealing firsthand with people suffering from post election stress disorder and knows the exercises and techniques needed to calm the mind and body. I think it’s a fantastic book because it’s teaching me a new way of thinking not only for the presidency but for life in general. It is a general guide for managing stress and anxiety. He even has an exercise called “Check Your Stress-Meter” that helps measure your stress levels and prompts you to take action. I can’t recommend it enough. I hope you will check it out. We will survive….somehow…

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