Glen Campbell is Alzheimer Stage 6


Glenn Campbell is Alzheimer Stage 6
Glen Campbell and his wife

Glen Campbell is Alzheimer Stage 6

Glen Campbell is Alzheimer Stage 6 and his family could use some prayers as the Rhinestone Cowboy is at the end of his journey with Alzheimer’s.   Glen Campbell’s wife of over 30 years really missed her husband so she had brought him home from the memory facility last summer where he had lived for almost a year.

Glen Campbell is Alzheimer Stage 6

His stay at home lasted only 7 weeks as he has become harder to manage now that he has entered late Stage 6 Alzheimer.  What that means as a diagnosis is that Campbell and his family are now facing the end of this disease.  This is what is happening to Campbell mentally, physically and emotionally on a daily basis. This information was taken from the National Alzheimer website.  Some of his symptoms might vary but this is the reality of what they are all going through right now and what many other families are facing and dealing with as well.

Stage 6: Severe Decline

Patients with the sixth stage of Alzheimer’s disease need constant supervision and frequently require professional care. Symptoms include:

  • Confusion or unawareness of environment and surroundings
  • Major personality changes and potential behavior problems
  • The need for assistance with activities of daily living such as toileting and bathing
  • Inability to recognize faces except closest friends and relatives
  • Inability to remember most details of personal history
  • Loss of bowel and bladder control
  • Wandering

Glen Campbell is Alzheimer Stage 6

There are only 7 Stages of Alzheimer. The last update delivered by the family was back in October of 2015 at which time his wife stated he was end stage 6.  Prayers are clearly needed for the family at this time.


Glenn Campbell is Alzheimer Stage 6
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  1. Mr Campbell is an extraordinary, entertainer and he will live on through his music and video. Prayers going out to Mr Campbell, his family and close friends to help ease the pain of this terrible disease. God bless you all and be sure when Mr Campbell leaves this home he will be in his new home with the one God, The Lord Jesus Christ.

    • My prayers are for glenn & his family members I grew up listening to his music such a sad way to end up in his condition but nobody knows how their life’s will end he has had a blessed life that some people never get great man god bless him

      • Yes I grew up listening to Glen Campbell and my own mother passed away August 24th last year it is one of the worst diseases I have ever seen I hate it and my prayers are with the family and I will still continue to listen to his music The Legend goes on


    • He gave, and continues to give , such joy to so many , “God Bless” this wonderful man , and may he go peacefully to the lord .

    • I always loved Glenn Campbell.prayers are coming the family Campbell’s way.God bless you all at this terrible time.x

    • I lost my mother to Alzheimer’s disease in 1984, so I know the pain and feelings his family are going through! Two weeks before she died( went to be with the Lord), she did not remember my name, but when I started it for her, she could still quote the Bible passage that assured her of God’s free gift of Eternal Life! Ephesians 2:8,9 says–“For by grace are you saved through faith; and that not of your selves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest Any one may boast.”
      Praise the Lord! I John 5:13! The best is yet to come!!

    • To Gleen and his family u all are in my thoughts and prayers,and the day will come that Greens pain will be gone,but don’t morn for him be happy and remember all the great time’s u have had with him he has had a great life and he will have a better life then he has ever had here in his life time.he’s gone from his mind right now in rembering things and thing’s are not going good with his body right now,but it’s like he’s in a deep sleep,but his day will come and he’ll be complete again being with his loved one’s and having the biggest party in Heaven and singing his beatiful music again for all the angel’s too hear.God Bless and hold u all in His Loving Hand’s,I Pray till u all can meet again in those beautiful clouds the place all of God’s children call our home with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! ❤👣

    • I have all ways been a fan of Glen Campbells. Love his music so sorry about his health. God Bless you all in this time. prayers be with the hole family. the good lord is with you.

    • I almost feel that I know Glen since I was a good friend of his cousin, Bill Webb, of Commerce,Texas. Bill told me many things about his and Glen’s growing up together in Delight,Arkansas. My thoughts and prayers are with Glen and his family as they deal with this sad situation.

    • My prayers are with this family as they struggle through this dreadful disease. May God bless each and everyone of the family.

    • Dear Lord touch and help this family get through this hard time and comfort the whole family and strengthen his wife and children and keep them strong at this time of the last stages of altimemers, God hold this family and help them. I love his music and always have and so did my dad which past away over 20 years ago of cancer. Lots of love to all of ur family, God Bless ,Each and every one of ya’ll

    • This is very sad. My heart breaks for Glenn and his family. He truly was a great entertainer and he will live on in the hearts of his fans,friends and family. Prayers going out to all. We love you Glenn.

    • Well said. Thanks for sharing this news,better now than late surprise though we know the outcome. CUDOS to GC and family for sharing GC ‘s fimal concert run in style and class and then helping to educate and give awareness to this very difficult disease

    • My thoughts and prayers go out to the Campbell family. I lost my mother June 26, 2016 from alzheimers. I know how hard this is seeing your loved new disappear in front of you. God Bless you Glenn Campbell thank you for your last song. I can’t get enough of it.

    • I was healed of scar tissue on the brain.
      I fell sixty feet from a ponderosa pine tree.
      broken jaw, fractured pelvis, head swelled twice its size,

      After, one year from the fall, I began to have seizures.
      I was given medicine to help, however, while on the road in Ministry in 1981
      The Lord spoke to me saying, David, If you have faith and believe me and I will heal you!

      He said, go to the bible and read Isaiah chapter 53.

      I read where it says, He ( Jesus Christ) was wounded for my transgressions, he was bruised for our Iniquities:
      the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.
      Jesus took those thirty -nine lashes for our healing to be made possible.

      I believed the word, and every place where I would minister and sing, I would testify of what I believed, and confessed my healing before all the people.
      So from then till now I have had no seizures.

      Glen, I love you in the Lord, and believe with you for total healing now in this life.

      blessings to all the family

      David Johnson

    • Glen CampBell’s songs and voice are unique, and we can all identify a person or place when we hear them. May his remaining time be peaceful and his family be at peace, also.

      • I have specialized in Alzheimer’s for over 20 yrs people usually don’t die from it they die from something else but Alzheimer’s is a robber it steals your memory and breaks families hearts I can’t wait for a cure!

        • I agree, Bobby, although patience don’t eat and drink it takes dedicated staffers to keep up with so many. you don’t eat right you will have complications no matter what age.

    • I am so sorry for Glen and family. I lost my husband in nov. 2015 to complications of dimentia. .Not easy. I miss him so much. dimentia destroys lives and families

    • So did I, my mum passed away 10th December 2015 whilst I was at her bedside, it was a cruel death but she fought it all the way. Watching her suffer the last 12 months left it’s toll on me so my heart goes out to families and friends who are going through the same thing. One thing to remember they are not the same person that you know and love they are trapped in a shell. One thing i used to do to mum in the last couple of months of her life is sing to her, I used to sing in a duo and she loved me to sing Qua Sera Sera (Doris Day) to her, when I got to the chorus she used to join in and she knew every word. Have faith people. ?

      • My prayers r with the Glen and family as a caregiver I understand the pain of the family that been said I decate this song ’Emty Me Lord”by the primitive corquett
        God Bless

      • I used to sing children’s songs and the old hymns to my mother. She would clap her hands and move her mouth. The best thing was her smile. Her death was from complications of staph pneumonia

  2. Love and prayers to Glen Campbell and his family!
    God Bless you, Glen, and may He give you peace!
    We have loved you and your music for many years, and will do so forever!!

    • I play Guitar and Sing, I just couldn’t imagine loosing that gift,Glen was a Master Guitarist, and its so sad to think that he cant play anymore. I watched your Movie last year,and it was great,i THINK OF Glen often, and wonder how he is doing.I use to watch Glen when he had his show on TV, and told myself Iam gonna play like that some day. I still play, but never as good as Glen. Prayers go out for Glen, and his Family, I hope Ashley becomes a great Guitarist one day, just like Her Father.

    • Sorry to hear what he is going through! :/ he was and is such an awesome guy and singer! Love his music,esp “Rhinestone cowboy” 🙂 thankful he has a wife that can care for him in these “last days” May God give u strength to help this awesome amazing guy! Love that rhinestone cowboy! 🙂

  3. Lawrence Moon What a great contributor to C&W. I hate the way this disease erases a man piece by piece. I can’t imagine saying goodbye to someone by way of installments (each one more hurtful than the last). Such a cruel breaking of a family’s collective heart as it is dragged across a slow calendar littered with shattered glass while staring into vacant eyes. It hurts to know of anyone enduring this condition. God bless you and your family Glen. I trust one day you’ll see my prayer and smile.

      • I bet he still knows music, because that’s a huge huge part of him …
        and i Bet he would recognize Tanya Tucker…(probably not a good idea though).
        Sad…a very talented man.

        • I disagree my mother suffered from this awful thing. And I will never forget the day my Mother didn’t know who I was . I was a grown woman but I guess I sounded more like a child . telling her Mommy is me Nancy. And bless her heart she just had a blank lost look. And I cried like a baby . what happens is you lost them before you lose them . the mind and memory is gone . then in my Mother case she suffered a massive stoke. God Bless My Mother. Love You and Still Miss You. Nancy

        • Tanya did an interview a few months ago and was asked about Glenn. She said she would love to see him to say good-bye, but Glenn’s wife won’t let her see him. So sad…….

          Prayers for Glenn, his family, and loved ones. I’m going through this right now with my Mom.

        • No..he lost his musical IQ at probably stage 5..until then he could play his guitar but not remember his family etc. His musical IQ was the last to go as it was so deeply ingrained in his brain. When your strongest force goes that is when you become frustrated and angry and lash out..there is nothing to soothe you. I cared for my mother all alone for five years until I could no longer keep her safe. Against all wishes I was forced to put her in a locked ward for her safety and medical need. This home was 100 miles away from me but I went every day and every time I left she would bang at the locked door yelling “don’t leave me “. Every night I cried the whole drive home. As she got worse and the stages progresses I packed up and moved to a wee town near the home so I could continue seeing her every day. I did everything I could to engage her in some activity. She stopped knowing me and stopped responding. She was in that home for 10 years. They called me to come at once and when I saw she wasn’t eating I knew the end was near. I stayed with her for over 30 hours as she breathed more and more slowly…The staff could not believe she was still hanging on and finally decided that since I am all by myself that my Mum was waiting for me to leave so she could pass. I was delirious with lack of sleep and grief and panic and the staff put me in a cab to go the ten minutes home and try to wash and sleep and have a bite to eat. They watched Mum and felt that as soon as enough time passed that she didn’t hear my voice or smell my clothes or feel me touch her she slipped away. She died without me and I feel such guilt over the whole situation. I roared back in when they called me but she was washed and in a clean nightie and very cold. I was lost and alone. And have been that way ever since. 18 months….I pray nightly for all families dealing with this bitch of a disease and I am so proud of Glen’s family and friends who have been a wonderful loving support system. God Bless you all…

    • I am hearing a Southern Gospel song about the ravages of Alzheimer’s called, “She still remembers Jesus name” It is by the Booth Brothers, and it is a beautiful testimony that Jesus conquers even Alzheimer’s.It makes me cry every time just from the sheer joy of knowing that people who suffer from this horrible disease still have the blessed comfort of remembering Jesus and the promise He offers of never leaving or forsaking them. Now when I hear it I will cry for Glen and his family, and be grateful to think that he and they will have this comfort.

      • My prayers for Glen, but especially for his wife and family, because they have to endure this awful disease. May the God of all peace, comfort and love surround you and keep you in His watch care. Jesus told us, He would never leave us, nor forsake us. So, may you take comfort in knowing He is with you, Glen and your family at this very sad time. In Jesus name, Amen.

      • That is one name that they don’t forget as I said before my mother had Alzheimer’s too it is a terrible disease and no I don’t believe he would remember Tanya Tucker my mom didn’t remember me either but she knew Jesus we have a gospel group and whenever we go in there saying to the people they know and they sing along with us Jesus rocks

    • How wonderfully expressed.
      My mum suffered this stinking illness and visiting her in a home with many other victims was horrendous for us all., Unable to help someone who had loved me unquestionably for most of my life.
      May Glen be without the torment that many endure.

  4. So sad. What a courageous journey this wonderful family went on. The movie was uplifting and heartbreaking simultaneously. Carry on, all and prayers from all your fans!!!

  5. God bless each of you as you endure the ending to this long horrible battle! Even though it will be hard letting go, you will find peace for him in doing so. I, too endured this battle with my husband just a short time ago. He suffered from Frontotemporal Dementia and we only had a short four year battle from the date of diagnosis. This is a battle I would not wish on my worse enemy. Prayers will go up for all of you from me! I lost my husband September 3, 2014 at the age of 66 and miss him tremendously, but I would never wish him back like that. God bless each of you. Glen was a big part of my music as a teenager; loved his songs!

    • I also just lost my husband, at age 66, January 5 2016. due do frontotemporal dementia after 6 years of hell. Dementia and alzheimers disease is a horrible horrible torture for the patient and his family. My sympathy and prayers go out to anyone suffering from this process. Thanks to the Campbell family for sharing their lives. The movie made me feel not so alone.

      • My father suffered with this horrible disease for over 7 years. Initially I was in denial of his alzheimers until he kept forgetting his location, and frequently got lost. He was a wonderful father and finally I couldn’t care for him anymore. He didn’t know who I was, and needed 24/7 care. We felt blessed when we found James L. West for all stages of alzheimers in Ft. Worth Texas. High class care and the staff treated him like their own father until he took his last breath. He is now in Heaven where he belongs.

  6. I feel bad for Glenn, always loved his music. I also feel bad that he’s put on display like this. I also think whoever wrote this article needs a proofreader for grammatical errors.

    • Letting people know what he was going thru was his choice. He wanted to educate. Article is very nice movie was great..may he finally rest in peace

      • You have no clue to what you are saying, Maryann Carey! As a close friend of the family. He was MADE to do the documentary I Am Me AND he was going to do 12 concerts as a Final Farewell tour and donate all of the money to Alzheimer’s Research. His wife fired his entire band, which included his oldest daughter, Debby who had sung with him for close to 30 years, and she added HER 3 kids and created a new band and MADE him do a 151 concert World Wide Farewell Tour. It was longer than that, but he literally could not make it physically or mentally. They came back home to Nashville and in 12 days she threw him in a Nursing Home. That’s the real story. Then she stopped Travis and Debby from coming to see him. Period. It has been a fight for them ever since.

    • So, your big problem here is grammatical errors! I sure would hate to live with you! Someone is pouring out their life to you and there you are criticizing their grammar! What an ass!

        • I grew up with Mom playing Glens music. Suppose that’s why I’m still a C&W fan today. My Mom had this disease over 20yrs. Being overlooked & misdiagnosed for maybe 5 more. They say there’s only 5 stages of grief. I so disagree. To see & have to make decisions along the way are so painful. Mom lost her battle in Nov. 2015. She also fought to the end. I called her a stubborn little hillbilly! I was the only 1 she knew til the end. We didn’t need to communicate. Hugs, kisses, and holding hands were precious. Even looking into her eyes that were no longer blue, she always whispered soft stories to me. She actually died of a heart attack. It really didnt matter. She sufered no more. Yes there were emotions when I prayed for her suffering to end. But knew she would leave on her terms. I pray for Glen and your family. That there will be some comfort that he also lived by his terms I’m sure. The love and memories are bringing me some comfort. We all will pray for Glen and your family. Yes, please continue to write to us. He’s been in our homes for years. Like family ?

    • What is wrong with you, Lynn123? They are pouring their heart out about Glen and all you got out of it was bad grammar!! I would sure hate to live in your house!

  7. My twin sister’s Primary Progressive Aphasia has progressed to Alzheimer’s and is in stage 4. I have been a long-time fan of Glenn, and fondly remember watching his television programs. He has so many great songs and will not be forgotten. The family and friends are in my prayers as is Glenn. May God bless you and give you strength and love as He welcomes Glenn Home.

  8. My very favorite Glen song. What wonderful memories his songs bring back. God Bless You and yours. You are a true Southern Gentleman.

  9. It’s a shame to hear this, Glen was a terrific singer/showman..Used to watch his TV show every week and I still have a couple old 33 records of his, just nothing to listen to them on..I do go to you tube to enjoy his great music..Prayers go out to him, his wife and family during this sad time, Gods be Glen, Gods be..

  10. Preparing His Home For The Rhinestone Cowboy…

    poem & photo
    by Dianne Cogar©2016

    Preparing His home for ” The Rhinestone Cowboy”
    God holds His promise and leads the way
    He’ll comfort him and show great mercy
    As each of us bow down to pray

    The angels are singing harmoniously
    They spread their wings prepared to fly
    They plan a journey to take him home
    Into the heavens… that big blue sky

    God knows the suffering of friends and family
    He feels our pain and sorrow too
    And through it all He loves us dearly
    With love and care He’ll help us through

    Now on the pages of ” The Book of Life”
    Glen Campbell’s name has settled there
    He’s promised honorably eternity
    And he’ll sing forever without a care

    The angels chant harmoniously
    They’ll spread their wings prepared to fly
    To escort home this child of God
    To that beautiful Mansion in the sky

  11. Mr. Campbell! I know you don’t know me, but my prayers are with you! I will do my best to keep your legacy going as long as I can, God willing! Your accomplishments will greatly be missed, but I know God has a new purpose for you in Heaven! Love always and forever! Your friend!

  12. Just watched “The Wrecking Crew” on Netflix, and was surprised to learn that a young Glen Campbell was part of that infamous team of studio musicians.

    It was because of Glen Campbell’s television show that I began taking guitar lessons those many years ago.

    My heart is grieving for/with the Campbell family, and I pray that the grace & peace of God through the Holy Spirit will flood them (and Glen) in this great time of need.



  13. Thank you for this story. My Grandmother had alsheimers desease. My grandfather took care of her until the end. When she passed the doctor asked how long has Mrs. Hannah been blind. We didnt enen know. I would visit and she’d her my voice and hell is that my Tont? My name is Tony but she called me Tont.She always greeted me that way. I felt so ashamed and the doctor’s must have thought we were terrible. My grandfather ner knew either. She didn’t know what blind ment or to tell us she coulnt see. She was an organ donor they were able to use her retinas I was amazed there were still good.
    My concern is I heard from somewhere the desease can skip a generation, which is me. I started major issues with forgetfulness, putting things down and never finding th Keys, $400.00 glasses exetra. I even ask my Psychiatrist to have me tested by a neurologist. She fount me to be Full Blown AADHD. I was lucky to be able to retire just after my 50th birthday after 30 plus years wotking in the Energy Conservation field. I was begged to stay and would have gotten a huge pay raise. I litterly had forgotten how to run the diagnostic equipment. And detaied testing by the state of Ohio. I could do the stuff in my sleep 20 years ago.
    I have no desire to go back. I was so scared the last year of my career. I litterly could not stay focused even in meetings. I was a supervisor.
    I strongly believe i have more than AADHD.
    If you story is worthy of writing about. Please do so. And if you have any info on the generation jump.
    Thank you, Tony

    • Sorry for your situation you are experiencing. Medically I know nothing about the disease or its supposed generation skip but I do know my great grandmother lived many years with Alzheimer’s disease and my grandfather her son now is going through it in his 70’s but also there is a concern for my mother who works long hours has for years and has many memory issues as well as other cognitive issues. like she gives herself a b12 shot every month as prescribed but last month did not remember taking it. remembered drawing it up but no memory of taking the shot or disposing of the syringe or needle. but she did have the mark on her arm so must have taken it. She also will think she told you stuff and swear she has when in fact never said a word. Or she will text me part of what she’s thinking and think she texted the whole thought. She also went to a neurologist a few years ago when her memory issues began and he found nothing to be wrong with her just siting depression and stress. she’s young even for early-onset Alzheimer’s disease but I see that’s where this is going and she says it too but cannot get doctors to treat it this early. she just turned 53 and this has been going on about 4-5 years now with her regularly. my grampy is at the stage where he still has his past memories but is overwhelmed by changes, confused more when his schedule is not the same, forgets to eat, bathroom issues wearing briefs, and he goes to a day program during the day and has a nurse help him bathe in the mornings because he gets in there and forgets what he is doing. he is not alone for more than a few hours at any time. he does not wander but cannot take care of himself so he has lived with my mom and stepfather for the last 2 years since we realized what was happening with him forgetting to eat and take medication. he is in fairly good health and not on many meds for a 78-year-old man and mostly medicated with vitamins. he’s a veteran of Vietnam War and does get treatment regularly through the VA but I don’t believe from my experience there is always a generational skip.

    • I recently heard Lisa Genova, a neuroscientist who wrote “Still Alice”, speak about Alzheimer’s. She said that in younger people losing things is a problem of attention much more than memory. We absentmindedly put things down somewhere and then can’t find them. If we are more attentive to what we’re doing, it makes a big difference. Also, it’s a huge help to have a specific place for things like keys, and make it a habit to ALWAYS put them there. Good luck. I don’t know if this is helpful, but try not to worry too much about it.

  14. Losing Glenn will be a great loss to everyone. I’ve watched him for his. Music will never be the same. My heart and prayers are with him and his family at this time. I can only imagine the heartache they are going through.

  15. All my thoughts and prayers are with Glenn and his family. My mother lived to be 90 years old but had Alzheimer’s from the age 64. So sad to watch the deterioration. The only thing that she loved the last couple of years was music. She would tap her fingers to the beat and her eyes would twinkle.

  16. Prayer are with the family and friends. I have loved his music since i was 12…i am now 61 i have been down this road and i know the heartache your going thru..find peace in your love for him…

  17. My prayers are with Glen’s family at this very sad time. God is the only one who can help now and comfort everyone. Just try and help one another and be kind. Love you all. God bless you all.

  18. my heart breaks for the family of glen cambel….my precious pop died of that vile diseese …. at the end the only person he knew was mom….they had been married for 57 years…..praying for peace for this family…..

  19. Thoughts and prayers to you all, it’s not and easy thing to watch what you love fade,,,I have worked in this area for 14 Years and it never gets easier, May The Lord take you under his wing and make the transition as easy as possible, I have always enjoyed Glens Music and will always sing when I heard his song,,,,God Bless you!

  20. Glen Campbell is one of my favorite artists. I love to listen to his music because I think he is such a purest in his trade and does excellent work with his talent. Thank you Glen for sharing your talent with us.

    • I add my prayers to those of the many who have loved his music and his charming, fun personality when he delivered his songs. He was also very good to look at. There are so many tragedies in this life, and who can say which is the worse, but this does seem especially dark and lonely, and tortuous. May God speed him on this path, and bless his family, and give them grace to bear the intolerable pain which must be theirs to bear.

  21. Everyone should see his biopic … Glen and family are doing Alzheimers with an amazing amount of grace and dignity … God bless them all …

  22. peace will come /its so difficult/heartbreaking for a family to watch their loved one sadly lose his way like this,its such a helpless hopeless deteriorating condition prayers for GLEN and his family

  23. I went through this with my mom…It is the biggest nightmare any one can have…They loose their dignity and it is heart breaking to see and deal with daily.
    My prayers have been with you and your family since I first heard he had it…So glad you have him in his own surrounds…God Bless you Sweetie…I am sorry you haave to see your husband like this…

  24. It is such a sad end to someone who has made beautiful music for so many of us across this globe of ours. I loved everything he did in his music. I know how hard it is for his family cause I have experienced this in my family. He was so lucky to have you with him.

  25. What a horrible disease. Glen will live in our hearts forever…My thoughts and prayers are with the family at this time… May God Bless him and keep him in his care and take him home !let the suffering end…

  26. Mrs Campbell my heart goes out to you n mr campbell, i had dad up til his death, its a very hard n trying job to care n watch a love one go through this yerruble illness, forgetting family, children n spouse, dad was a runner alwYS CHASING HIM, BUT NEVER MEAN, THANK THE LORD, MY PRAYETS ARE WITH YOU, BE STRONG FOR IN THE END HE WILL BE IN A BETTER PLACE, LIFE OF FEAR, MEMORY LOSS N NO FAMILY RECONITION IS VERY HARD ONE THE PATIENT, MAY THE LORD BLESS YOU N KEEP YOU IN THIS JOURNEY, MY HEART GOES OUT TO YOU,

  27. We have seen our precious Mother go through this awful stage, we are praying for strength as you face each day. God took my Mamma home and now see is singing and whole, no more suffering, hang in there we are praying and loving through this difficult time.

  28. Had the great opportunity to see Glen’s documentary film made with his family “I’ll Be Me”. What a wonderful person he is and his family dearly love and care for him. Work daily with individuals that are in all stages of this dreaded disease. Lost 7 family members including my mother and grandmother. Prayers for a peaceful transition for you all.

  29. I always enjoyed hearing him sing, I would sing along with him. You will be missed. I have experienced Alzheimers disease twice in my family , my grandmother on my dad’s side and my dad. I know how trying and difficult it is, so my heart goes out to his family during this time. I pray for God’s comfort.

  30. My thoughts and prayers go out to Glen’s family. And Glen to you I wish a safe journey to your next adventure. Love you……

  31. My father passed away from this horrible disease in December of 2014. The only way to rid the world of Alzheimer’s is to help those who are working for a cure and supporting those that are families and care takers. This is why I am participating in this years “A Ride To Remember” bike ride in South Carolina this July 15-17. I, along with 350 other riders, will pedal 252 miles to raise awareness and to raise money to help fight this disease.
    If anyone would like to make a tax deductible donation to my team and help us fight Alzheimer’s please click here.

    Thank you!!
    Rob D – Team MDVIP

  32. This has to be the worst disease I know of. I watched the progression of this horrible disease for 4 years with my mom. Not only does it rob you of your mind, but it robs you of your dignity. I never would have realized how much easier it was for me to let her go. You see, I prayed that her heart would go before she could not recognize her children. We were blessed because she kissed each of us goodbye a few hours before her death.

  33. I had the privilege of seeing Glen and his wonderful Kids perform a couple of times before Alzheimer’s took my father at Ninety and Cancer took My dear wife at 67 The day before Thanksgiving. My thoughts and Prayers are with you in this time of need. I know what your feeling and hope that you will be strengthened by the Lord and can feel happy that soon He’ll be set free of the Prison He’s trapped in and will be with the Angels at peace Amen. Thank you Glenn for all the wonderful Memories and the incredible gift of your songs.God Bless

  34. My prayers are with Mr. Campbell, Mrs. Campbell and all of Mr. Campbell’s children. Everyone in the family is affected when one member of the family is diagnosed with Alzheimers disease. I am sure it is hard for his spouse, but it is harder for the children especially when the spouse doesn’t want to allow them to visit. I really hope Mrs. Campbell is treating his children better and allowing them to see their father. My prayers will remain with you until this ordeal is over. I really hope that Mr. Campbell is made to suffer by his life being drug on, instead of allowing him to pass with dignity. You will forever be my rhinestone cowboy and I will smile at every time a hear one of your songs. God is calling you home and I wish u weren’t being made to suffer.
    All my prayers and love,

    Cheri D.

    • Cheri D. I see the situation just the opposite of the way you view it. It sounded like the step-children didn’t come around too often to visit while Glen was healthy but now his money comes into play! So the step- children are all up in arms. Kim and Glen have been married for 34 years, it’s not like she just married him. I think they should have more respect for Kim. They (the step-children should have no say what she does with the finances. I have grown step-children and tried SO HARD to be a loving step-mother. I didn’t want to be their mother, they had one. I only wanted to be friends and be treated with respect. My husband and I have been married for 25 yrs. I had three different cancers in 2014, went through the whole thing of chemo. My step-children didn’t lift a finger to help me or their father. Now that I’m healthy again, guess who wants me to babysit??!! No way, they showed their true feeling when I needed them. So you see Cheri D., I’m looking at the situation from the other side. I say to the step-children of Kim—BACK OFF! She has the final word on what happens to Glen and what happens to THEIR money.

  35. I’ll never forget the long trips from Beardsley,MN to Brainerd,MN on Saturday mornings early. We’d get to Morris,MN and it never failed my all time favorite song would come on the radio. My dad would turn it up so I could sing with it Like a Rhinestone Cowboy to this day I remember all the words. I was only 6 our last trip up from there was the last time I heard that song so I need to go listen to it again it’s been going on 46 years since I heard it. Sending prayers to the family!

  36. i know what the family is going through — i work in a memory care community and take care of Alzheimer’s/dementia residents on a daily basis…just be patient,loving and understanding–prayer for all of the campbell family

  37. Dear Kim and family my prayers are with you as always. Glen has touched my life like no other. I’m thankful for the times we’ve shared . Everytime I pick up a guitar and walk on stage and little bit of Glen will come with me. May our Lord comfort you all during this trying time. Love, Rick

  38. My Father, Len Nevin, was a musician, he met Glen Campbell on many of his musical tours, I wish I had have been with my dad at the those times, but, growing up with country music, at all times in my life, I’m so happy my dad had the chance to know the man himself, we listened to his music often.

  39. My mom has Alzheimer’s and I am walking with her during this dark journey.
    As the disease progresses and I notice more and more her slipping from me it brings me grave sadness.
    But I know when I look deep into those beautiful eyes I see in there still.
    My mom remains within a physical body that can no longer express kind words of love and recognition. But Alzheimer’s cannot take away her beautiful spirit, her powerful love and her glowing soul. A soul that is anxious to once again break free from the prison her physical restricts it’s flight of freedom.
    But she remains my mom and still there inside some where so I walk with her so she is afraid of the darkness.
    Never ever say Alzheimer’s takes your loved one away. Glen is still there with his family but his body has cut off any communication to tell them.
    But his ❤️ and my mom’s ❤️ will continuously speak to me! Words unspoken but memories are eternal…

    • Amen. Beautifully said.. My mother also is living with this disease and is in the late stages at 91 years old.. She lives with our family and we are blessed to have 2 precious care – givers that help us look out for her well being throughout the day.. She loves the song “You are my Sunshine” and will chime in for a few words.. She loves the LORDS PRAYER and as I say it with her each night,, I literally watch a Peace ..come over her.. that settles her and calms her.. before she sleeps through the night.. It is a long Good Bye.. but I know she is still doing GODS WORK here with us.. for us.. and through us.. Calling us to rely on our Lord for HIS Strength, Peace and Faith that all things will and are working for Good.. I am beyond thankful that we have this chapter together.. the Good days & bad.. are part of the tapestry of her legacy and our walk together.. forever thankful..

  40. Prayers and blessing. You’ll live on through your music. You and your family are in my thought. My mother is early stage Alzheimers/dementia. About 6 mths ago mom decided it was time to move into Assisted living . Very scary.

  41. Growing up with Glen Campbell music was a cherished gift. Thank you to the Campbell family for your advocacy with the film “I’ll be me” You are all so courageous. Blessings of love & light are being sent to all

  42. My dad has been in stage 6, if this is what they call it for about a year now!!!! So no way is it the end of the road, my dad is now wheelchair bound, needs help with feeding etc BUT still sings along to some of his favourite songs etc and still can smile and have a small joke in his own way!!!!

  43. I speak the Word of God over Glen Campbell that by Christ’s stripes you were Healed 2000 years ago and are Healed Now!!! By Matthew 14:36 you are made PERFECTLY WHOLE!!! In Jesus’ Mighty Name… Amen!!! All Glory To God!!!

  44. Prayers for Mr and Mrs Campbell . I remember growing up and listening and trying to sing your songs. You are have been and are still today The True Rhinestone Cowboy. Praying for you all.

  45. my prayers are with the Campbell family, you took on a very hard task in life & i hope you get your rewards for i no it’s very hard thing to do looking at a family member waste away’ i work in a hospital with people with alzheimer & i no its not an easy task. God love these people they don’t realize what they are doing & for get a few seconds later , i admire you the best of look xxxx

  46. When life seems so cruel that death is a relief. That is the harshest reality that anyone should have to face. Prayers do not help yet they comfort those that bear the burden most. But the loneliest most frightening feeling of losing yourself is for the sufferer and my heart reaches out to them all. Dont lose your patience with them. If its hard on you it is doubly hard on them. Keep them wrapped in a cocoon of love until there is nothing but a shell there and know you were the best person you could be for the cruelest loss anyone can face – a loss of who you are. God bless you Glenn Xoxo

  47. I saw a documentary of Glen’s last tour and his last days on the road. They had to cancel the last show. His wife is a gem and a really great caretaker. His children, who are so very talented and Glen can still play the hell out of the guitar, but forgot the words in the last of the show although they used a teleprompter. You might try and see it on Netflix. Stunning, haapysad show. She is a divine caretaker as is his whole family. Rally raw and open about the situation. You should really see it. Blessings, Miguel.

  48. This is such a sad thing to learn about Mr. Campbell. Mrs. Campbell, my prayers are two-fold:
    1: I pray that this Stage 6 will be mellow. If not, I pray it will be brief.
    2: I pray God gives you strength to see this time of your life through, and that you have the courage, health and fortitude needed. It’s always difficult to see this come to pass.
    Glen Campbell was a great musician. I loved his music! I will keep you both in my prayers.

  49. Prayers to the Family I know this is a very hard time this is one of the hardest things for the family to go through watching your loved one slip away, hold tight to your memories. I went through this with my dad.

  50. hello there this disease doesn’t discriminate anyone can be affected scares me to think that one day someone close to my heart as Glen is to yours could be lost to this horrible disease so I’m going to what I can to raise money for this cause I’m walking 72 miles in April hoping to raise £2000 for Alzheimer Scotland small amount but I’m going to keep trying thoughts and prayers with you and your families xx

  51. I had the biggest crush on Glen Campbell when I was young. I watched his show every night. “Hi I’m Glen Campbell!”. My Dad is fighting this battle and I am so glad to have come across this article. From what I read, I believe my Dad is in Stage 6 as well. My Mom is his primary caretaker at this point and she is devastated at the thought of losing him but doesn’t want to suffer anymore. He has bone cancer throughout his body and other complications but he holds on. I guess, once a navy Seal, always a navy Seal!!! I love you Dad!

  52. He will forever be “Gentle On My Mind.” Loved loved loved his music. He and his family will be in my prayers for peace and comfort as they endure these last days.

  53. Thank you so much for the uodate. I was deeply touched after seeing the film on Glen, Kimberly & family. I will continue to pray for these wonderful people during an extraordinary difficult time. Kimberly is an Inspiration to all of us in her Graceful, Caribg, Supportive Dedication to Glen. A stronger lady than I. My prayers are directed to her & the medical staff for Strength & comfort/rest when possible.
    I hope shortly Glen “…will be Made New In Heaven”, where once again he Clears says “Hi! I’m Glen Campbell…” And then begins beautifully singing Praises to ‘The King of Kings, the Lord of lords”. Peace, rest & joy overwhelms Kim & Famiky!

  54. My prayers are with his wife and family. God is with you let him guide your way. Glen’s music will live on forever. Some day we all will be in heaven and be able to hear him play and sing again.

  55. I feel for the Family because my Mother is going through the same thing and it is NOT pretty! I Pray that Comfort will come to each& Every family member. Travis we are only a few miles apart if you Need to talk or anything Please let me know. Glen is the Best Country in my Books! May Hod be with him.

  56. My prayers are with you and your family I lost my Mother on Monday from Alzheimer’s …. After a 4 year battle so I understand very well.

  57. My wife and I had the pleasure of seeing him live, on one of his British Tours, in Chatham Kent, in the Central Theatre. Wonderful man and humble. God bless him and his family.

  58. God Bless you Glen Campbell ~ As I grew up, my father always had you on the turntable and I knew all of your songs. I love you and I pray for you and your family !!!

  59. My stepfatherer past from this horrible disease and by God grace he fell down while getting out of bed and suffered a conconsion that soon ended his life. This is a terrible disease as it can strike a young person as well as an old. May god watch over Mr.Camble his family during this last part of his life.

  60. Mr. Campbell, I want to thank you for the inspiration you have given to many and many others in the Country Music business. Your writing and talent to feel the songs you wrote and sang with heart and soul are a real guideline for us coming up in today’s music world,
    I love to cover your music when I have the opportunity. They have true feeling and i flection of your love for every song you sang.
    God bless you and your family. I will, as will the millions you have touched in your life, a torch to carry on and be as giving and have the love of music you shown through out your life. We are all sending prayers for your family as they get ready for the inevetible. May you walk in peace and will see you there one day.

  61. I went through the loss of my mother from CHF, I know it’s not Alzheimer’s, but the symptoms were so close. Hypoxia form her heart valve problems caused a degenerative state, where there was confusion, night terrors, loss of bladder/bowel control. Inability to be left alone at all. And I am sad for your family, my prayers go out to you, but there is peace and it doesn’t come easy.
    I had to go to grief counseling for a bit, it helped.
    I was my momma’s boy, and she was a wonderful person.
    I’m the loving caring person I am because of her example, just as mr Campbell’s family must be great people, and we his extended family of fans are better for having shared in his great music & movies/entertainment.
    He gave us all so much joy for so long.
    Thank you & God bless you mr Campbell & your family.


  63. This is so sad. When I was a child my favorite show on TV was the Glen Campbell show. Seems a little strange that a child would watch a music show but music has always been a big part of my life. It’s funny as when i misbehaved my punishment was always that I wouldn’t get to watch Glen Campbell. It is so sad to see someone suffer from this disease. My grandfather did also and I know what the family has to deal with. You love the person with the disease with all of your heart but the person with the disease really is NOT the person you have loved your whole life. You have to be very patient with them as they cannot help what the disease has done to them and at the same time it breaks your heart to see it. My prayers to out to Glen Campbell’s family that they have the patience and love needed at this time.

  64. Glen is and always be a cherished voice to enjoy always be a gentleman in the hearts of millions. I wish the family the very best, God bless, Hugh Campbell his music I cherished forever

  65. My husband is in the middle stages of alshimers. I have him home I cannot get help or afford to put him somewhere and at this time don’t want to. We have been married 37 yrs. I will pray for all of you.

  66. Thanks bto Bill Heywood I got to call Glen one morning to be on our radio show in Phoenix . What a joy snd he asked me what song I liked best before he went on the air. Of course Southern Nights. Later o got to work along side him pounding nails at a a Habitat for Humanity house. How did I ever get so lucky to know this sweet man for just a moment in time. GOD bless you Glen

  67. My prayers ate with him and his family.
    My wife of 35 years is in late stsge 7.
    She was in stage 6 for just iver two years.
    I do not have Glenn’s resources, but she’s at home and I’m keeping her as comfortable as possible.
    She hasn’t known who I am for the last three years, but I know who she is.
    It’s such a horrible desease.
    God gives me the strength to deal with the daily challenges.

  68. My father died of Alzheimer’s. After he got the disease the drs. told my mom & I they usually live 7 to 10 years. This was back in the 80’s. He got the disease in 1980, was diagnosed in 1981, & passed away in 1993. I was with him on his last night & told him I’s take care of mom, which I did until she died, exactly 20 years later. All I can say is try to give him comfort. I understand he may not know you or be able to speak but HE KNOWS.

  69. God Bless Glen Campbell and his entire Family. I appreciate all he has done. Love him and his music. I am so thankful I got to see him perform one last time on his “Goodbye Tour”. You are all in my prayers…

  70. Heartbreaking. Prayers for Glen, his family, and his extended family. I have loved his music since childhood. When my sisters and I would argue my Mama would always sing to us to “try a little kindness”. He touched many, many lives. God bless him!

  71. All my thoughts and prayers coming your way for Glen Campbell and family.I know the pain that comes with this disease, my mother also left us after suffering from this dreaded disease. God be with all of you. We have his talent to always remind us of his awesome talent.

  72. I know that our awesome God will put his wings around you and take care of you as for Glen I loved every thing he ever did. But my prayers are for Glen to have a piece full trip to heaven and he will be great God will make him whole and well. But his wife and family need the prayers. Loved this man and his music be well mr Campbell

  73. To the Campbell Family.
    God Bless you all,I know what you are going through.
    God will take care of Glen on his journey to heaven.
    Glen will always be with you Mrs.Campbell and your family.
    He brought alot of joy and smiles to alot of families,including mine.The good Lord will watch over you and help you get through this sad and tough time.Glen will always be with you and your family.He will watch over you all with all the Love he has for you.God Bless you.

  74. I always loved Glenn Campbell, I can Remember Watching him in TV every weekend as a child and I had to have all his albums, the first thing on my Christmas list. I know you didn’t know me Mr. Campbell but somehow this really touches me, J feel like I knew You. I’ve watched several videos and have cried seeing you go through so much. I will hint inure to pray for you and your family. May God Bless you and comfort you

  75. Seen the farewell tour on the CNN station.It was a beautiful program.Glen
    family is also is very talented.Love to his wife and kids.

  76. Please do not refer to him as ” Campbell” it is des respectful.. He has a first name ! Bless him.. My dad loved this entertainer.. so sad.. Alzheimer’s disease is so undignified ..hope he doesn’t suffer a long time..

  77. We have always loved Glen! Hate we never got to see him in person but pretty sure we watched every television show! He was an awesome entertainer & singer! I truly know what you are going through. I too was the caretaker for my aunt who recently passed after a 20 year battle with this Same horrible disease. Praying for you all through this very difficult time!

  78. Prayers from millions of those who have loved Glen though his music. His love of music will sustain us for years to come. A gentleman in every way. Make him comfortable and draw trust from the Almighty. The family has our love and prayers. GOD BLESS.

  79. A man with a turbulent life … and not even in the end can he have some peace. It’s really sad – this disease robs us of our essence. Please fund Alzheimer’s research.

  80. It sucks when they get like this. It was like I didn’t even know who my Dad was at the end. But you have to remember what they were not what they are now. Glen was a great singer and entertainer and he will always be remembered.

  81. Nice piece of writing. I appreciate how you stated the information clearly and cited your source. It was also done very tastefully, in my opinion.

  82. My Prayers are with you, great man, I know what you are going tho. My mother had alzheimer. Terrible disease. it is hard on the family. but he might not remember them but they are still in his heart. that is the way i felt. my mother did not know who i was, but i still felt the love in her heart.

  83. I worked for 15 yrs with dementia patients. A lot of us working in that field of nursing would feel a sort of relief as the journey would come to a end. It sounds like you and your family have done as much as possible to furnish him with the best care possible. Please rest assured when all this is over that you all did the best a family could do for him. This is a cruel uncaring disease that has no happy ending but know they will at last be free of it at the end.

  84. My heart breaks for his family, my 92 year old grandma lost her battle on 2-3-16. This disease is a cruel disease and more research needs to be done to find ways to end it. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who is impacted from this.

  85. I grew up with his music and have his albums till this day… I send prayers from tthe heart to all the families who are going thru this with Glen, he will always be loved and remembered for years to come.

  86. Unfortunately called the long goodbye, my father died from this unforgiving disease last january. It is extremely tough to lose a loved one who deteriorates daily before your eyes. God Bless.

  87. Detox his brain, liver, kidneys, colon, blood etc and build up his immune system, take him off all toxic foods, medications, and he will come out of this dreaded disease. It’s still not too late.

  88. im so sorry ,glen was a great man i loved all is song,s i will be praying for him and his family to accept what is and think only of the good times you had with him .that is how i get throu every day now i loss my husband last may ,and miss him so much .my god bless you,glen and your family

  89. Well it’s life and many of us do it all by our self. We don’t have money to get extra help. I was my grams caregiver for over 6 years and i would never change that. She past known that she was loved and cared for and I don’t wish it on no one. Sorry glen. But we all need help. Praying for the family!

  90. hi glen,and your lovely wife,very sad and family,your personality and your songs,and music has always been with us,from when you started this day we have at home, all cds, records,tapes, and we continue playing them.we will never forget you,very sad to see you like this,your a ledgend,kind regards to you, and your family,from lynn and peter Andrews taupo new Zealand xxxx love you

  91. So sorry to hear about the legend that is Glenn Campbell.
    Hope the Rhinestone Cowboy is comfortable and I hope the suffering isn’t to much.

  92. Dear Mrs. Campbell, I know exactly what you`re going through. Words don`t come close to letting people know how heartbreaking this is to the close caregivers of an Alzheimer patient. My dad and i operated a barbershop here in Rochester New York. He was my boss and then my business partner and my golfing buddy and my best friend. We worked together for 20 years. Toward the end of his battle with this horrible disease…he did`t know me or my mom or anyone else for that matter. The terrible truth of this disease is that the love ones go through the grieving loss two times. First, when he isn`t there mentally and then when he isn`t there physically. No one should have to go through the grieving process twice. But, we did and I`m sure you will, too. Look to your friends and family for the comfort you need. I`m 72 years old now and he has been gone 25 years now. I miss him more and more ever single day. I think the thing I hate more is that when you get have your memories to look back on. An Alzheimer person gets robbed of that. It`s so unfair. My mom and dad`s favorite song was ” Penney`s from Heaven”. Every time I see a penny on the ground ..I look up to the heavens and whisper to myself..Thank you, Dad. We will be together again someday. So, Mrs. Campbell, you`re not alone. You will always have your family and me as your friend. God bless you. Ernie Orlando

  93. I agreed to marry my husband on one condition, if he promised me he would take me to see Glen Campbell in person. I married him, and he kept his word. We saw Glen in Branson at the Andy Williams Theater it was one of the highlights of my life. Glen signed a bunch of stuff I brought in with me, he was so sweet. His daughter Debbie even took a pic with me. I’ve been a huge fan since I was a little girl singing Rhinestone cowboy on the playground everyday. I’m so sorry you and your family are going through this. I pray that God brings peace and healing in His Holy name. Amen. –Kelly

  94. Went through it all with my mom. I can only pray my husband and children do not have to go through it with me. Praying for the family of Glen Campbell.

  95. My wife and I both grew up listening to Glen Campbell.His music will live on Forever.My uncle De used to play music and He gracefully played His Songs.Our thoughts and Prayers are with your Family.

  96. My mother and grandmother both died from Alzheimer’s. It is one nasty disease. I think every thing happens for a reason. While I was at my appt with a SCORE mentor to learn how to start a business they told me of this 82 yr old woman who made activity aprons & pillows for those with Alzheimer’s. They asked if I was interested in buying it. Without one second of hesitation I said YES. I know it was what I was supposed to do. I am now the proud owner of Alzheimer’s Aprons & Pillows. If I could I would just give them away. My passion and drive is to help others. The money is secondary. I also volunteer with MSA(Medical Services of America). We visit those in end stages of Alzheimer’s. With my mother having had the disease I find myself very patient with them. Even when they ask me the same question over and over. I also watch videos by Teepa Snow. I learned a lot from her. My dream is to be put out of business because a cure has been found. I can’t wait for that day. Keep on trucking Kim! You are your family are always in my thoughts and prayers.

  97. I am a singer/songwriter from MS and have loved Glen’s music all my life. I am sending prayers and Reiki energy to Glen and all his family at this time of need. God bless you all. I am KC and I approve this message

  98. Kim we went to school together and I know it’s hard I went through it so I think you should let all of Glenn’s kids just saying

  99. My prayers are with all of you. I have always liked him and his music. He will keep on singing even after he leaves this earth. God be with you all.

  100. I think this is a bunch of BS…not that Mr. Campbell has Alz. but the stages. My mother had Alz. for 20 years and it she was so LOVED/Spoiled and CARED for at her home by family members that she lasted as long as she did. My dad said NO Nursing Home and did we all learn a LOT? Yes we did…we learned how to bathe, clean, put up with her “moods”, puree her foods, thicken her liquids,on and on. It takes a village to raise a “child” and as some know Alz. patients actually go back to being a baby in the end. I lost my mom 4 years ago but she taught me so much about caring unselfishly. My daddy adored her for 54 years but lung cancer took him 12 years ago. Some people can handle the “nightmare” of Alzhiemers, some can’t…I chose to learn, love, and be there for my mother, even leaving a 6 figure job, because I knew that’s what she would have done for me. God Bless Glen and all others with this terrible disease I truly believe that because my family was there for my mom is the reason she “lived” 20 years with Alzheimers.

    • Donna, I just read your story, it made me cry. I am sorry that your Mom had passed with this damn disease, and yes, he should be taken care of in the home. if you love someone, you must love until the very end. God Bless you!

  101. I’m just starting on this hard difficult road with my husband. He’s been having memory problems for several years now but has gotten worse over these last 6 months. His grandmother also has Alzheimers and we lived with her till she went in the hospital. Was not an easy year. My Mom also had this for 6 years before she died from the result of a bad fall. My husband will be 70 this year and is in very good health other then his memory loss. I just pray to God that i can take care of him as i also have lots of health problems. I’m already helping to take care of my younger sister who had a major stroke a year ago. I try to spend as much time with my husband as I can while still helping my sister. Good thing we now live next door to her. I’m holding onto the good times and just praying to get through the bad as I know a lot worse is heading my way in the near future. From what Glen”s family has already gone through i can tell they will be able to handle the problems to come. I’m praying things will go well for them as they go through this difficult time with their loved one. I never thought I would have to go through this again but with God’s help I know I’ll get through it no matter how bad it gets. Prayers and love to all who are going through this. May God bless you all.

  102. Thank you Glen for the music you made, the filling of those empty moments in the car when a song of yours would come on, and i could get lost in it. Thank you for your gentle sense of humor and all that you have given to this world. I know your soul is still singing, even though your fingers cannot still play.

  103. Let us not forget those who can no longer remember….

    “The Story of Alzheimer’s”

    Another day has past, another memory written down and tucked away. Another long night for thinking, so much more to say. Unfinished is how I feel when the words no longer flow. In my mind so many stories, moth eaten and filled with holes.

    Memories come in like water dripping through the worn out tin. Little bits here and there, no pots to store them in. Haunted is what I feel when I think of the days gone by. Ghost are what I see each time I close my eyes.

    You think it’s a blessing wanting to remember all the time. Come spend a night without restrictions and wander through my mind. So many thoughts will block your way as you walk down these narrow halls. Then you’ll know why I sleep all day, instead of trying to recall.

    Inside this mind is old friends, they’ve been trapped in there so long. I’ve tried to free the ones I could, some now call it home. Their sight is no longer needed, they’ve claimed a spot in my mind. No one dares enter their space, afraid of what they’ll find.

    Not long ago I was their friend and would visit and bring them news. But as time passed I couldn’t find my way in, there was nothing I could do? Now they call me warden and ask if they’re ever getting out. I smile and say it will be okay, but in my mind there’s so much doubt.

    Why do we have to grow old, why does this disease take complete control. Why didn’t someone tell me one day I just wouldn’t know? I see your face and something’s triggered, I know I’ve heard your voice before. But all I can do now is look to you for mercy, and walk this lonely shore.

    Soon this life will release me and I’ll be free to think again. I just pray you don’t forget me and you remember me as your friend. Not that lonely little person who laid in their room all day. But someone who once loved you and often called out your name.

    You hold all the memories now and only you can let them see the light. Mine are gone disappeared with the dawn and slipped away into the night.

    Fred Parks
    April 20, 2015

  104. I have to say I fell in love with Glen and his music in the year 1967. I was pregnant with my first child. I would play my radio in the kitchen while I was making breakfast. When I heard “Gentle on my Mind, I loved it. Couldn’t hear it enough. Then I started buying his records. I have loved him ever since.I have most of his records still. Plus some CD’s so I could play them in my car. I am 72, pretty close to Glens age, I hope he has an easy time with this final stage. He has made so many people happy and People all over the world love him. All of you children are so talented. I loved seeing all of you on TV with the tribute on public television. Good luck Glen. You are and have always been in my heart. I think I probably know ALL THE WORDS to all of your songs.

  105. My darling wife passed away with Alziemers 10 weeks ago today. I know what Glen Campbells family are going through and my heart goes out to them.

  106. Has anyone tried a regiment of marijuana treatments yet? There has been some great breakthroughs with it today. Sounds like you all already have him buried for cryin out loud

  107. My prayers and thoughts are with The Campbell Family through this difficult time It’s in God’s hands not even the doctors he’ll put his loving arms around Glenn and guide his path.

  108. So sad to hear. Please send up prayers for him. Glen was blessed & gifted with a melodic voice. I really enjoyed his stellar performance in the movie True Grit with John Wayne & Kim Darby.

  109. Who’s gonna fill there shoes, who’s gonna Stand that tall who’s gonna give there heart and soul to every song they wrote, lord i wonder who’s gonna fill there shoes! I know that’s George Jones and I’m not sure if I quoted the right lyrics, it doesn’t matter, I hope Mr. Campbell lasts 20 more years battling this disease!

  110. So new information says that it was not Alzheimer’s at all, but Lyme’s Disease, and that his memory is coming back.

  111. it might be a little easier on the man if his wife would stop moving him back and forth. He is having issues with surroundings so his surroundings should not change.

  112. I have been a fan of Glen Campbell most all my life , I’m 59. Enjoyed his movies , especially “True Grit” , but the one thing I will always remember about Mr. Campbell is his respect of being a musician, and the talent he gave from his heart to the world. My favorite memory of him is his Playing the bagpipes to the song Amazing Grace with the symphony . It still sends shiver’s up my spine to hear it Love that special video of him. Thanks for letting me share this to you , and may peace be with Glen in the future, never did get to meet him personally but I felt I had. God Bless Him

  113. Praise God and the Lord Jesus for giving Glen Campbell this disease and ignoring everyone’s prayers. They be laughin’ up in Heaven. Hallelujah Amen

  114. I lost my father to this dreadful disease in October 2015! He looked so much like Glenn – a far away look; not able to recognize family members! You need to always remember who that person was and the memories – which will help you during this time! Hugs, Prayers to all those going through this in their lifetime.

  115. My earliest memory of Glen and his brother are of them coming to our house after church. They would tell me a story while rolling and cutting a newspaper. At the end of the story the newspaper would blossom into a tree. I was so amazed. Our prayers are with you and your family.

  116. Alzhrimers has 7 stages, the last ending in death.
    It’s a terrible disease.
    My wife ent through a 16 year battle with it, with me as her primary care giver.
    She was a fan of Glen, as am I.
    May God be with his family.

  117. Thank you for sharing my mom has Alzheimer’s too it’s hard to see her unable to remember things or do things I will be praying for you God is with you through this

  118. Had the pleasure of speaking with Glen at a book signing several years ago. He was funny, gracious, kind and personable. Always been a fan of his music and he will forever be gentle on my mind. Prayers to the entire family.

  119. Memories are many for myself and others of Glenn Campbell and his music. I send prayers to him for comfort and that God will take him peacefully and prayers to the family. God is in control and we Praise Him for all.

  120. I just went through this with my cousin who was more like a sister. she went through this with her Husband both were very active people when my cousin’s husband had to moved to a nursing home she went every day even the days he had no idea who she was. at least both did not suffer long. I know the are together again. it is taking me sometime to get over her death as I was holding one of her hands and her son the other when she passed she was looked k=like she was looking right in her sons eyes as he was doing the same. I hope one day there will be a cure for this awful sickness no one should have go through this

  121. May God watch over Glen and his family. As part of the Wrecking Crew and throughout his career he has given joy to trillions of music lovers.

  122. My heart and prayers are with the Family! I know what you are going through my father had this horrible Disease for 10 years before it finally took him, This is a Family Disease because the family suffer so much watching and feeling so helpless watching their loved one slip away further and further, Hold on to your memories they are precious and will help get you through the end and everyday afterward then he will be in a better place with no more suffering..

  123. I’ve always loved his gift of music and his down home personality!!! I was born in Nashville AR and been to his hometown many times. Also some of his performances on the square. My Mom also has this awful disease and its so very sad. I will keep ya’ll in my prayers.

  124. Praying for the whole family. I really hope Glenn’s older children were allowed to spend some time with their dad before it got to this point. Hoping the whole family can come together in this most heartbreaking time.

  125. I’ll never forget going to Billy Bob’s in Ft. Worth to see Glen. This was over 25 years ago, and even though he had the flu, he gave a great performance! My prayers are with your family. I know from personal experience with my dad’s journey with alzheimers, just how horrible this disease puts it’s claws in the patience and their family members. God bless!

  126. Prayers out to the family members, I want to thank you for coming to Lutheran Church of Hope in Des Moines awhile back.The family is so talented also,I hope they pursue what God has gave them and may you,Glens wife,find a closeness with Jesup as you walk through the process. God bless your lives even though the pain..

  127. Prayers out to the family members, I want to thank you for coming to Lutheran Church of Hope in Des Moines awhile back.The family is so talented also,I hope they pursue what God has gave them and may you,Glens wife,find a closeness with Jesup as you walk through the process. God bless your lives even though the pain..

  128. Prayers sent I have been a cna for 27 yrs I know what you are goin through because I go through it on a daily basis with my 2nd family it’s one of the hardest thing to do watch a loved one become a shell & you can do nothing but watch & pray & be there for them rather they know it or not only one thing can help any of us through this it’s really one simple word LOVE I will be prayin for you all

  129. I merely have an idea of what you as Glen’s family are going through as my mother has dementia.
    My heartfelt prayers and thoughts go out to all of you.
    Mr. Campbell I have enjoyed your music since I was a child and still listen to it today in my 50’s.My daddy listened to your music until he moved to Heaven and from him I learned what great music was. God speed sir and your family will be remembered because of you. Mrs. Campbell please know you have millions of people who are praying for you and your family because of who your husband is. Love and Hugs to each of you.

  130. My prayers will be with Glenn as this is a terrible disease.It distresses me to know his wife would not allow Tanya Tucker to say goodbye.That is just plain wrong.Glenn wasn’t always a good guy.He beat the living hell out of that poor girl.The fact that she still wanted to see him speaks volumes for her.Shame on Glenn’s wife for denying her that..

  131. My thoughts and prayers are with you Mrs Cammpbell. I pray God is with Glenn and He will be by His side these next several months. God Bless You both.

  132. I have seen Glen Campbell in concert twice and got his autograph the first time I saw his show. He is a great entertainer. I have fond memories of his shows.

  133. Sorry to hear about the news of Glen Campbell, I grew up listening to country music. My prayers go out to him and his family

  134. As the caregiver for my mother who recently passed away from Alzhiemer’s, I understand the pain the family is in. My prayers are with Glen, all caregivers and the family.

  135. My heart goes out to the family of Glen Campbell. Mr. Campbell will get most of the attention so I want to pray especially for the family and friends that have to be strong. I have loved Glen’s music all my life. It is so sad ya’ll have to go through this. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  136. I always liked his music & have added a few when i entertain & sing along with as well. I once listened to the record with the song “it’s only make believe” so much you couldn’t play it anymore cause the needle would just slide over it.

  137. As a person who had a family member with the most horrible disease I send my best wishes to his family and pray that he dose not suffer to much.

  138. I grew up listening to Glen Campbell and all country music singers. I have felt the pain of watching a loved one go through the stages of Alzheimers as my mother passed away a few years ago, and it still hurts to think about it. You don’t just lose them once, but numerous times, one day they are there and the next day it is the same face but a different person in her body. It was the hardest thing that has ever happened in my life, and to this day I cannot get passed it. My heart goes out to his family and hopefully someday they will find a cure for the debilitating disease. My love goes out to his family and try to remember him as he was, not as he is.

  139. God bless you Glen, I grew up with you when I was 4,5,6,7 and Rhinestone Cowboy was my #1 song back in the 70’s. God bless your Family may they always be by your side. you will always remain in my heart! I love you Glenn Campbell!

  140. God bless you Glen, I grew up with you and Rhinestone Cowboy was my #1 song back in the 70’s. always want to see your concert i said 1 day you will be my first concert i ever go too til this day ive not been able too and still have never been to any concert God bless your Family I know they are with you always and right by your side. you will foe ever be in my heart I love you Glenn Campbell!

  141. I send my prayers to Glen and your family. This is such a horrible disease to rob you of all your wonderful memories in life. His family still holds those memories in their hearts never to be forgotten. God Bless you all, especially his truly loving and dedicated wife of 30 years. You are a treasure.

  142. I have worked in the nursing field since I was very young and have seen this disease a lot. It is a very sad illness. It takes all the joy and life from them and the family. It always broke my heart to see a family member come in and the patient not recognize them, not counting what devastation it caused the family member. My thoughts and prayers go out for Glen Campbell and his beloved family and friends. God speed.

  143. How sad for Glen, but as he basically is no longer with us… mentally, physically & emotionally… I pray for his children. The children this current wife refuses to allow to see him. His family members & friends she no longer allows to visit him. The ones she has not allowed to even talk to him in many, many years. Whether he recognizes them or not, how shameful she has taken away their rights to say goodbye. His own children. In the picture long before she entered his life and took it over. As a Christian, I am appalled at her behavior… karma can be a very painful. Prayers for Glen to end this horrible disease. And prayers for his children, that they now only have memories of their father.

  144. I feel sorry for your family having to go through this horrible disease. My prayers are with your family and Glen. We went through this almost 2 years ago with my mom, and now with my disabled sister. Hopefully there will be a cure soon.

  145. I met you, Glen, and your daughter at the 2012 Alzheimer’s Advocacy Forum. I told him that I was a “Rhinestone Cowgirl”. He smiled. Thank you, for sharing your journey with us. I’ve had 8 members of my family stricken with Alzheimer’s. I produce an annual Alzheimer’s & Caregivers symposium in their honor. God bless you.

  146. God bless you and your family. My husband has been going through it. Always loved Glen. You are a blessing to him in this stage, as with all the others. Praying for all of you.

  147. My family too is going thru this with my 94 year old grandmother. This is a horrible disease that has no cure. I am praying for Glenn’s wife and his family because I do know how hard it is too hot through this. Myself and my family have been preparing for the time we will loose our loved one, just like Glenn’s family are. My prayers and thoughts are with you all. May God relieve Glenn of this horrible disease and make him whole again. I pray that every day for my grandmother!

  148. We are sending prayers to Glenn right now, I wish there was a miracle cure out there for this. I loved his music so much, from us Alll! Please Lord help this great Country Singer! God Bless!

  149. My heart breaks knowing what he is going through and to his family having to see this great man and his talents he no longer can do. Heavenly Father please give peace and strength to this family and touch the heart and soul of this man that some how he can feel your presence even going through what he is enduring now. I love this mans music and Glenn’s music will still live on and we thank Glenn fior the many years he kept us entertained.

  150. The Rhinestone cowboy will always be one of my favorite sons that Glenn did to his family you are all in my prayers. god bless you all.

  151. Thank you for the life you gave us. Your music was/is very much enjoyed. You were always welcomed in our living room and our hearts. Thank you for so many wonderful years.

  152. Mr Campbell and family will be continually in our prayers.I recently completed this joinery with my mother.God bless y’all.


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