General Hospital JaSam reunion


General Hospital JaSam reunion
Billy Miller

Miller Miller 2The General Hospital JaSam reunion can’t come fast enough for some viewers.  The writers have Elizabeth acting totally out of character putting Jason/Jake ahead of the safety of her children and her very own life.

Her character being written this way has caused a firestorm on social media as most fans are saying really nasty things not only about the character but about the actress herself.  Some fanatics have trouble distinguishing between reality and fantasy and the fact that Elizabeth is a part portrayed by actress Rebecca Herbst.  That just shows how well she does her job.

The JaSam fans are the worst offenders as they really want the characters of Jason and Sam and their young son Danny back together.  There are folks out there that like the characters of Sam and Patrick together but more like Jason and Samantha as a couple.

There is good news for the JaSam fans however as the head writer Ron Carlivati has announced that they are well aware of what the fans want and they are going to give it to them sooner than later but there will be a big build up towards that reunion.

So while the fans don’t have to wait until November, they may have to wait until around Labor Day for this reunion to happen since the show shoots 6 to 8 weeks in advance.

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  1. count me as one who does NOT want jasam together that couple has been played out long ago. i think the character of sam works much better with patrick i found that with jason sam lost her identity to the point where you didnt know where she stoppled and he started.with patrick she keeps her Independence but still has a healthy relationship as for liz like it was stated in the aricle she is being taken way OOC to facilitiate this reunion which i as a long time viewer recent greatly no character should be sacrificed for anotherand i think RC is making a big mistake taking it in this direction. i also find it interesting that just because jason is back that means her feelings for patrick just go away its not so cut and dry.

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