Days of our Lives SHOCKING story line SPOILERS


Days of our Lives SHOCKING story line SPOILERS
Sonny gets booked

Days of our Lives SHOCKING story line SPOILERS

Days of our Lives SHOCKING story line SPOILERS regarding things that will happen before this week is over.  With Wednesday right around the corner who will get wise that they are getting played?

Dario’s hands are dirty

Dario really is a piece of work.  Not only is he still involved in illegal activities, it is pretty apparent that he is lying about being deported.  Did anyone else see the man wink at the guy who was supposed to be from Immigration? Hope is suspicious of all the money Dario has to spend on a luxurious honeymoon for him and Abigail.

Lucas and Adrienne and Justin

Is Lucas finally getting tired of finding his fiance in the arms of her ex-husband?  He should be because it happens all the time.  Anne still has a mad crush on Lucas.  Will they eventually end up together?

Girls night out

Marlena, Kate, Val and Kayla have a spontaneous girls night out.  Kayla sees that she can still save lives.  Should she have handled an emergency case at the club in the kitchen after a few drinks?

Sonny is arrested and JJ is released

Days of our Lives SHOCKING story line SPOILERS
A handcuffed Sonny breaks down

Sonny is arrested and JJ is released.  JJ, Hope and Rafe go dumpster diving to try and figure out who was in the hotel. Finally, is it possible that Zander is the guy that killed Deimos?

Steve is getting suspicious bout Kayla’s work situation

In conclusion, Steve knows his wife does not make these kind of mistakes.  He starts sniffing around to try and protect his wife.  Will this lead to him hurting his own son?   Especially relevant is this spoiler video!!


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