Putin is playing Trump like a fine violin

Putin is playing Trump like a fine violin
Vladimir Putin

Putin is playing Trump like a fine violin

Putin is playing Trump like a fine violin
Donald Trump

Putin is playing Trump like a fine violin.  After the U.S. Obama Administration announced they were taking action against Russia, Putin does nothing but invites diplomats children to the Kremlin.  A far departure from his reaction last October when accused of war crimes against Syria.

Is Putin trying to make President Obama look like Scrooge?

Yes, yes he is.  He knows he only has 3 weeks to wait and then he can start working the strings on Donald Trump.

Does Putin know how to schmooze Donald Trump?

It certainly does.  All you have to do is stroke Donald Trumps ego and you can get what you want from him.  By him saying he “will wait until Donald Trump takes office to deal with America” is in fact, stroking Trumps ego. The Russians have attacked American democracy.  Make no mistake about that.  This is not a little thing.  This is a cyber and mental attack on our country.

Divide and Conquer

Putin is using the old divide and conquer method to destroy his enemies.  He is doing it without shooting a gun or pushing a button on a nuclear weapon.  Just because you can’t see it happening does not mean it is not happening.

In conclusion

What is really going on here?  Why is Donald Trump waiting until next week to find out what the intelligence agencies have uncovered?  Why is he choosing to wait on this when he made phones calls to Carrier over Thanksgiving weekend?  Most of all, why does it seem like jobs are more important to Trump than National Security?


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    • Youre so right! I had no idea of the horrible hate that evidently has been simmering for years in our country. It is heartbreaking to me. We need real leaders to step up, Republicans, Democrats anyone to bring us together. Leaders of other countries are laughing at us. With the president elect outing himself as a HUGE adoring fan of Putin, next other nations Korean leaders ISIS any of the ones that would easily see how Trump wants praise, worship and a few extra tweets, they will be able to whisper their wishes in the big D’s ear! Im sure he would have time to tweet for national security while running all his many businesses. Our country is a bargaining tool for him increasing his wealth. There’s so much i feel regarding this man and praying i’m wrong! Yes,prayer chain is the only thing I can feel might help us! Thank You for suggesting it! Also i’m sure i did to much venting,sorry!

  1. Trump is weak and old. He was never intellectually very astute. His inability to grasp international affairs and his short attention span put him at a disadvantage to Putin, who is 30 times richer than Trump and 100 tines smarter.

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