Days of our Lives Baby oh Baby

Daniel & Nicole are the parents of Chloe's baby

Days of our Lives Baby oh Baby

Days of our Lives Baby oh Baby
Chloe & Nicole

Days of our Lives baby oh baby as the plot thickens around the the baby that Chloe is carrying.  Most people already know that Chloe is having Daniel and Nicole’s baby.  Is Chloe going to keep this baby secret if Nicole is going to continue to have a relationship with Deimos?

When were Nicole’s egg’s harvested?

In order for this to be a real possibility, Nicole would have had to have been on hormones and had her eggs harvested. This is not a process that can happen over night.  Yes, Daniel was a doctor but unless he was giving Nicole shots while she was sleeping, the viewers have to be asking when?  When did this happen?  Did this happen off screen and was never mentioned?

Chloe and Nicole’s conversation

Chloe and Nicole did have a conversation about Chloe being a surrogate but that is where it ended. At least that is what the viewer thought.  There seemed to be no time to get this done and then Daniel died.

Is Chloe going to keep Nicole’s baby from her?

Is Chloe going to keep Nicole’s baby from her because she doesn’t want the baby by Deimos?  Does she have the right to do that?

This is going to be Nicole’s song to her new baby!!


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Days of our Lives Baby oh Baby

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