America boycotting Celebrity Apprentice because Executive Producer Donald Trump

America boycotting Celebrity Apprentice because executive Producer Donald Trump
Celebrity Apprentice

America boycotting Celebrity Apprentice because executive Producer Donald Trump

America boycotting Celebrity Apprentice because executive Producer Donald Trump.  That is correct.  There is an active online campaign to boycott this reality show because of its credentials.

The boycott has nothing to do with Arnold Schwarzenegger

First of all, this boycott has nothing to do with Schwarzenegger.  He happens to have gotten caught in the fall out.  America is tired of this old reality show.  In addition, it does not want to line the interior of Donald Trumps wallet.

Trump thinks low ratings are because of him

He would be right but not the way he thinks.  He thinks it is because he is missed when in fact, it is because he is still involved in the show.  Sorry Arnold, nothing personal.



Donald Trump ridicules Arnold for not politically supporting him

Trump continue to mock Arnold for daring not to support him in the election basically telling America we should not care about Arnold because he had the audacity to support someone other than him.  Has their ever been another human on this planet with a bigger ego than Donald Trump?

The real Donald Trump please stand up

Donald Trump stand up over and over again in his Twitter feed.  The real Donald Trump sits there at the ready salivating and eager to attack anyone that is not 100% pro Trump.  If this doesn’t scare American’s worse than Putin’s interference in the election, I don’t know what will.


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Shocking Trump Apprentice tapes leaked via Comedian Tom Arnold

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FAMILY HEALING from Australia to America:

Merle Haggard cancels spring concerts
Ashlee & Holly

After a summer of separation and homelessness because of a horrific attack on my daughters home and family, I am trying to raise funds to bring them home for a much needed vacation of healing.  I have not seen my 6 year old granddaughter since she was 1.  I can’t travel to Australia because my husband has medical issues.  Them coming here is the only way we will see them.  I started this Go Fund Me to help with the extraordinary expense.  I have been saving for over 1 year and at this rate, it will be several more years until I see them.  With your help I hope to have them here for Ashlee’s 16th birthday in October of 2017.

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